Thursday, December 23, 2010

begining our christmas week!

There's still gifts to wrap, and baking to do...but just wanted to share a quick post of our lovely weeks beginning! With the company of some dear friends we headed to the coast for a little pre-christmas vacation! Although the weather wasn't favorable for sightseeing, the views we're still breathtaking! Who can fathom the greatness of our God...

This was my first encounter with a creature of this kind! He made for a great photo, but thats all that I admire this little guy for!
Evenings we're not short on game playing! We had the energy of 4 wonderful young individuals!

And this one provided christmas cheer!
When these two weren't playing games, they we're my faithful babysitters!

Such a blessing to enjoy fellowship with friends, and behold the beauty of the Creation!
May the Creators love make your Christmas more wonderful....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

some paint & some pinecones

The way it goes with Christmas decorations, is you pull them out for 3, maybe 4 or 5 weeks if your on the ball right after thanksgiving...and then back in the box they go for the 50 other weeks of the year! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the warm fuzzy's of the seasonal decor as much as the next guy, but I have a hard time spending much $ on embellishments that don't serve much of a term. And maybe in exposing a bit of discontent in my nature...I get tired of the same ornaments & colors every year! So it's become a fun challenge to re-furbish them into a new object of lovely! Throw some fresh greenery in and around...and deck the halls!
Here's my two favorite projects this year that I wanted to pass on in hopes of inspiring you...

Before: they we're some cheap black candle holders i picked up at target several years ago...when I was going through my "paint everything black" phase. To add some texture to them, I picked up a crackled paint treatment to give them a little vintage make-over!

After: about 10 minutes of actually painting involved, and a couple hours of drying time! The good thing is when you go "vintage" it doesn't have to look perfect! ;)

Next up was a couple Styrofoam cones I've used for various occasions over the last 5 years. They we're white when i purchased them, so I sprayed them brown to create a more disguised under color for my project. I picked up some pine cones from the craft store...(but you could get them from your yard.) Mine we're cinnamon scented, which adds a great aroma to my house! With probably more time than I had, and a hot glue gun...I layered in decorators moss and the pine cones, working in vertical sections, going from bottom to top around the cone!

Voila'! I give you a pine cone tree! The bag of pine cones came with these little glitter balls...I used the gold ones, but not the red to "trim my tree" after it was finished!

Here's my complete centerpiece...atop my burlap table runner! p.s burlap is my new favorite fetish...but that's another blog for another time...maybe sometime soon...maybe not!
Have fun!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

same song...second verse

Sisters like to do things together, you know!
If your gonna put on 30 lbs, and volunteer yourself for a painful experience, it's always comforting knowing your not alone! :)
And if your gonna have permanent bags under your eyes from the countless sleepless nights, you love to know someone else has the same!
And if your gonna start smelling like a mixture of sour milk, dirty diapers, and bad breath, it's comforting to know it's someone elses odor too!
And if you find yourself singing senseless songs and jabbering in "foreign" tongue, it good to know your not the only crazy one!
But really, I like to think little sisters just wanna be like their big sisters...

Nov. 2010 (sweet baby's #2, just 6 weeks apart!)

August, 2008 (sweet baby's #1, 8 weeks apart)

Here's to sisters! Especially the ones that are best friends like mine! God's blessings indeed!
Here's to babies! And the countless joys they bring (and craziness!) God's blessings indeed!

Friday, December 10, 2010

OHIO {greatest hits}

Seasons greetings friends! This post is long overdue, but like the rest of you...this time of year finds us busy! I won't spend much time with the details, but hopefully my pictures capture some of the fun we had!
We spent a lovely Thanksgiving on thursday, with the extended Fisher family....

Then Christmas on Sunday with my family at mom & dads.....
It's always great to spend time with cousins, not only from one family...
But, two is even better! Thank you again Skiles' for coming to see us!
Getting to go swimming in the middle of winter is great fun...
Especially when the next day you play in the snow!
And spending time with precious friends....

We are blessed with sweet memories from family and friends alike!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

field day 1

Despite the rainy forecast, Sat. morning dawned sunny & bright! As I'm looking out my kitchen window, i catch a glimpse of the gorgeous sun rays shining through our olive tree still glistening from the rain the night before! I knew this was my chance to debut! It's only 7:15....the babies are awake, the hubby is fumbling for the coffee pot, no breakfast is made, but it's now or never! We all loaded up in the truck, and head out to the nursery...and we're we the best looking, pajama clad camera crew you've ever seen!

I focused mainly on aperture, putting my camera on aperture priority and experimenting with the different depths of field! Thank goodness for digital cameras...the luxury of taking several shots of each frame is priceless!

The color is in its prime right now, and I found myself wishing I already had a trained eye to compose creative pictures of such gorgeous display in nature!

This shot caught my attention as I was trying to find the best lighting to take another shot! I'm looking up at the sun, and this branch sticking out against the blue sky just struck me!

I love moss, and all things mossy! This color of green is just matter how you look at it!
And that's a wrap for the day! I have to credit my hubby for his willingness to drive me around, and patience as I stooped, climbed and leaned in and on his truck to take these photos!
We're off to Ohio for the week, so next up is practicing my shutter speed on all the active little ones and their antics over the holiday weekend!
Wishing you a a most blessed Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

hang in there.

I'm getting there...I've made my way through one photography book, and halfway through another one! This gorgeous fall season provides perfect photo opts, if I could just get out from under the dirty dishes, diapers, clothes, faces, and floors...and step foot out my front door! I'm not well rehearsed in the "drop all and just go" motto, but that's what it must come down to!
And since no post is complete without some sort of's a couple to throw at ya! back soon!

Monday, November 8, 2010

it's official...

As an early christmas present...we are now first time owners of an dSLR camera! I'm posting this to ask for your forbearance as I learn how to use the thing! Hopefully, as an end posts will be much more lively in the form of quality photo taking! We all know how hard it is to capture those slip second moments of your two year olds' newest stunt or infants "first" times!

...And since you asked, here's a quick shot of our 8 week old! ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

low ridin'

He got all dressed for church...and apparently got bored waiting on the rest of us to get ready! I'm sure if this thing had an engine, we would've all been left behind! ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

the goats next door...

Let me introduce you to our neighbors! They aren't your average...but rather a peculiar kind! They have an interesting diet, eating just about anything we throw over the fence. So far jalapeno peppers, that we're rejects from our garden, are the only thing they have turned their noses up at! Recently their family has multiplied, and their offspring are quite cute...until they find themselves on our side of the fence and into the garden, previously mentioned!

He was quickly caught and relocated, but not before we had a little fun...

After this kind of treatment, he surely won't be visiting again anytime soon!

...that is unless he gets "hand fed" by certain admirers!
*If you know whats best, buddy...just stay out of the garden! *

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this and that

Just a few updated pictures! Everyday life seems to be consumed with just finding a new "normal". Baby C is finding his place in our routine, and Mr. G keeps busy being big brother!
Guess whose smiling now! ;) Makes all those sleepless night worthwhile!
Getting wider eyes, and taking in the big world around him!

A million kisses a day!

On the "job site"...

Thankfully he enjoys his swing! It's a peaceful place to nap, until big brother decides to "help" it go!
Thats all for now....

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