Friday, October 29, 2010

the goats next door...

Let me introduce you to our neighbors! They aren't your average...but rather a peculiar kind! They have an interesting diet, eating just about anything we throw over the fence. So far jalapeno peppers, that we're rejects from our garden, are the only thing they have turned their noses up at! Recently their family has multiplied, and their offspring are quite cute...until they find themselves on our side of the fence and into the garden, previously mentioned!

He was quickly caught and relocated, but not before we had a little fun...

After this kind of treatment, he surely won't be visiting again anytime soon!

...that is unless he gets "hand fed" by certain admirers!
*If you know whats best, buddy...just stay out of the garden! *

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this and that

Just a few updated pictures! Everyday life seems to be consumed with just finding a new "normal". Baby C is finding his place in our routine, and Mr. G keeps busy being big brother!
Guess whose smiling now! ;) Makes all those sleepless night worthwhile!
Getting wider eyes, and taking in the big world around him!

A million kisses a day!

On the "job site"...

Thankfully he enjoys his swing! It's a peaceful place to nap, until big brother decides to "help" it go!
Thats all for now....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

1 month already!

I'm a couple days late posting this milestone, but we are blessed to have a healthy growing boy! So far he's been putting on almost a pound a week! Mr.G seems to be coming around to the idea that he's a big brother!

Trying to get a few shots for birth announcements proved to be challenging!

Smiling for the camera seemed to be an illusive idea!

"hey, i guess i kinda like you...when can you actually play with me?"

Here's one that'll melt mama's heart! ;)

Seems my pillow is his favorite place to snooze! I told him "okay for now" but, we may need to talk later!
So thankful for his life, and looking forward to watching him continue to grow!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin patch fun!

Well, here's evidence of my first social event as a mother of two! We survived, but not without the help of some gracious friends! :) It was time for Mr. G to get out and get his mind off the disturbing unfamiliarity of our newest "house guest". A giant pumpkin patch, and petting zoo we're the perfect recipe for fun!

Although he was greatly out numbered by little darling girls...he didn't seem to mind! As long as they jumped on pumpkins too, who cares that they're wearing a skirt! Although he seemed to get twice as dirty as they!

"peter peter, pumpkin eater, had a wife and couldn't keep her..."

Guess who slept away the morning while all the fun was being had? (yep, you guessed it...the "house guest" ) Little did he know he was celebrating his "one month" birthday! ;)

These two we're coming up with some sort of scheme for the chickens! Once he was finally able to catch one, he didn't know what to do with it!

Is it a donkey? Is it a zebra? maybe a zonkey or a debra?

You can't tell by the exuberant look on his face that the train ride was the highlight of the day!

No explanation needed for this one! There was no way we we're getting an organized group shot!
Back to Emma's house we went to enjoy a quick, yummy lunch and we called it a wrap! We will chalk up our adventure as a success, and I can now call myself "experienced"!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A favorite past time for this mr.g is wearing gloves, aka...dubbs! Doesn't matter what color, or size, they are equally as fun! Throw them on over your pajamas, slip on a pair of rubber boots and it's business!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

a tribute to "two year olds"

If you have one...or have ever had know about this phenomenon called a two year old. Then put two of them together, and you had better hope you have a sense of humor. ( bless you mothers of twins!!)

These two would start their day as early as 6am, and only had one speed: full throttle. Everything became a competition...who could jump off the highest piece of furniture, who could bang their fork the loudest on their high chair, and who had a bigger tractor noise!

Best of all, you gotta love their imagination! Give them a beach full of sand, two sea gull feathers, two golf balls, and a half of a dump truck. I can't say it wasn't ugly at times! Usually it was when one of them had a different idea about how the truck/feather/golf ball contraption should be engineered!

And as far as they know, leftover sparklers are endless fun...even in September! They're like a right of passage to run around the yard screaming, while waving around something on fire! Who wants to limit that to just July 4th?

I just might add, that both of them we're certain to have added a couple words to each others vocabulary! Amazing that they can't seem to remember things you repeatedly rehearse with them, but 10 mins with their peers and they can understand and repeat entire sentences they've only heard once! :)

With that said...when the squealing or squawbling actually stops, don't get too comfortable in your chair because more than likely they're into something they shouldn't be!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcoming Cohen Pierre'

September 12th 2010

Awaiting the "arrival"...
Every mother knows the drawn out anticipation of the last couple weeks of pregnancy! Even with Grady, after going 11 days post-date, I still feel like the last six weeks with this one felt like an entire trimester of itself! I had bh contractions as early as 25 weeks and they continuied to get stronger and closer together. My midwife just advised me to pay close attention to them and monitor them if possible. By 33 weeks I was feeling pressure and sensations that I remember feeling with Grady the week before he was born. So, at my next appt. she determined I was 80% effaced (but not dialated) and needed to be on bedrest just to be safe! The contractions slowed, but didn't stop! Thankfully, by 37 weeks I was no longer considered high risk and I was relieved off my chair! ;) I now have a tremendous amount of respect for mothers that spend their last trimester or more on bedrest. Actually, the respect should be awarded to the fathers as well...they are the ones that probably suffer the most!

September 14th 2010

"It's D-day..."
So off bedrest, and we think..."surely any day this could happen"! And the weeks continued to tick by! By 39 weeks, I finally was determined this little guy inside me was playing some cruel joke on me! Pretending he was coming out early only to drag out the agony for 4 more weeks! ;)
Well, the day before my due date...I resigned...went to Target and walked! (probably more to get my mind off it than to actually shop!) The afternoon turned into evening....and nothing! After dinner Keith suggested we walk some more! Sure...why this point I decided the worst that could happen is, i'd go into labor! We hadn't been in the door more than 10 mins and my water broke and started to leak! Ironically, I'd just read that day, only 15% of women actually have their water break before labor starts! At those odds, it took me awhile to actually believe what was happening! At 8:15 pm we called my midwife to give her the heads up, and ask her how soon she wanted us to come in if active labor didn't start soon! She told us to give it a couple hours and see what happened! Knowing at this point that I had arrived at my desired position, I now dreaded what lie before me! :) I decided to take a little nap before I started walking, so maybe I could renew my strength before the contractions started in. By 11:00 they we're no longer ignorable, so we called our doula and said..."here we go". By 1:00am they we're 3-4 mins apart and increasing in intensity. Knowing we had a 20 min drive to the hospital, we decided to leave so I wouldn't risk being in transition in the car. When we got checked in I was informed I was at 5cm...(it's always heart breaking no matter what the # is). The midwife met us there, but after getting us settled in, said she would be back in an hour or two. At this point, i never looked at the clock again...but it was probably only 45 mins later the nurse said I was at a 7, but I felt the need to push! She scrambled to call my midwife back in. Fortunately she only lives a few miles from the hospital, and when she arrived she gave me the go-ahead! 10-15 mins later, at 3:22 am we we're laying eyes on our second son for the first time! I think the first thing I said was...."honey, he looks just like you"!!

a feeling that can't be described in words...

a moment of pride

thankful for his safe arrival! 7lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2 in.

a big brother at last! He calls him "baby dear", and says "isn't he cute"!

Those first few moments of holding your child after birth is one of those "sacred" moments, that is a gift from God. We give Him the praise, and feel blessed that he has given us another healthy child to raise and train for His glory! We continue to pray for the strength to love each of them in a way that is only possible with Him, and ask for wisdom to guide them in paths of righteousness!

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