Friday, October 29, 2010

the goats next door...

Let me introduce you to our neighbors! They aren't your average...but rather a peculiar kind! They have an interesting diet, eating just about anything we throw over the fence. So far jalapeno peppers, that we're rejects from our garden, are the only thing they have turned their noses up at! Recently their family has multiplied, and their offspring are quite cute...until they find themselves on our side of the fence and into the garden, previously mentioned!

He was quickly caught and relocated, but not before we had a little fun...

After this kind of treatment, he surely won't be visiting again anytime soon!

...that is unless he gets "hand fed" by certain admirers!
*If you know whats best, buddy...just stay out of the garden! *

1 comment:

  1. Looks fun! I've heard goats make really good pets for children. Which reminds me...I just watched "Babies" the other night and and I think there's a cute scene in there with a goat and the baby from Mongolia. :)

    ps. So glad to know about another real life friend in the blogging world!


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