Saturday, October 9, 2010

a tribute to "two year olds"

If you have one...or have ever had know about this phenomenon called a two year old. Then put two of them together, and you had better hope you have a sense of humor. ( bless you mothers of twins!!)

These two would start their day as early as 6am, and only had one speed: full throttle. Everything became a competition...who could jump off the highest piece of furniture, who could bang their fork the loudest on their high chair, and who had a bigger tractor noise!

Best of all, you gotta love their imagination! Give them a beach full of sand, two sea gull feathers, two golf balls, and a half of a dump truck. I can't say it wasn't ugly at times! Usually it was when one of them had a different idea about how the truck/feather/golf ball contraption should be engineered!

And as far as they know, leftover sparklers are endless fun...even in September! They're like a right of passage to run around the yard screaming, while waving around something on fire! Who wants to limit that to just July 4th?

I just might add, that both of them we're certain to have added a couple words to each others vocabulary! Amazing that they can't seem to remember things you repeatedly rehearse with them, but 10 mins with their peers and they can understand and repeat entire sentences they've only heard once! :)

With that said...when the squealing or squawbling actually stops, don't get too comfortable in your chair because more than likely they're into something they shouldn't be!

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