Sunday, November 21, 2010

field day 1

Despite the rainy forecast, Sat. morning dawned sunny & bright! As I'm looking out my kitchen window, i catch a glimpse of the gorgeous sun rays shining through our olive tree still glistening from the rain the night before! I knew this was my chance to debut! It's only 7:15....the babies are awake, the hubby is fumbling for the coffee pot, no breakfast is made, but it's now or never! We all loaded up in the truck, and head out to the nursery...and we're we the best looking, pajama clad camera crew you've ever seen!

I focused mainly on aperture, putting my camera on aperture priority and experimenting with the different depths of field! Thank goodness for digital cameras...the luxury of taking several shots of each frame is priceless!

The color is in its prime right now, and I found myself wishing I already had a trained eye to compose creative pictures of such gorgeous display in nature!

This shot caught my attention as I was trying to find the best lighting to take another shot! I'm looking up at the sun, and this branch sticking out against the blue sky just struck me!

I love moss, and all things mossy! This color of green is just matter how you look at it!
And that's a wrap for the day! I have to credit my hubby for his willingness to drive me around, and patience as I stooped, climbed and leaned in and on his truck to take these photos!
We're off to Ohio for the week, so next up is practicing my shutter speed on all the active little ones and their antics over the holiday weekend!
Wishing you a a most blessed Thanksgiving!

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