Thursday, December 23, 2010

begining our christmas week!

There's still gifts to wrap, and baking to do...but just wanted to share a quick post of our lovely weeks beginning! With the company of some dear friends we headed to the coast for a little pre-christmas vacation! Although the weather wasn't favorable for sightseeing, the views we're still breathtaking! Who can fathom the greatness of our God...

This was my first encounter with a creature of this kind! He made for a great photo, but thats all that I admire this little guy for!
Evenings we're not short on game playing! We had the energy of 4 wonderful young individuals!

And this one provided christmas cheer!
When these two weren't playing games, they we're my faithful babysitters!

Such a blessing to enjoy fellowship with friends, and behold the beauty of the Creation!
May the Creators love make your Christmas more wonderful....

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