Monday, January 10, 2011

benefits of 2

If one is better than none, then TWO is better than one...right? ;) Well today I heartily agreed! No. 1 sits happily in his room playing with his new Legos....

And No. 2 sits happily watching! I had to smile to myself, as for the first time they chattered back and forth, sweetly enjoying each others company! No. 2 was fixated on the objects and actions that No. 1 busied himself with, and No. 1 seemed content to have No.2 keeping him company as he played! Who doest love a captive audience?

This created much joy in mama to watch her two boys play so pleasantly! Granted, No. 2 isn't much of a threat to No. 1 yet, so I know you say "enjoy-it-while-it-last". And I will...because i know all too soon the squabbling will begin...and there will be lessons to be taught, and lessons to learn!, I will soak up the sweetness of TWO!


  1. OK Cohen looks WAY too big in the bumbo! Take him out NOW! We need to get together so I can snuggle him before he's running around :)

  2. So glad you are seeing the blessings of TWO and I have GOOD news...there are even more blessings that follow with MORE!! :} His grace is ALWAYS sufficient....praise His name!!


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