Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm always amazed at the workings of the Holy Spirit! I think having children, and parenting is sometimes more about what "HE" has for us to learn, rather than what we have to teach our offspring! We deal with a very frustrated toddler sometimes, as his nature is not typically laid back or easy going! ;) The amount of times he tries without succeeding is about 1 and a half before an eruption of emotion! Maybe this is an age stage or maybe this is a character trait of his little personality, but I find myself intervening these little incidents to try and teach him how to deal with them in a less violent way! It was during one of these interventions that I was encouraging him to calmly ask mommy or daddy for "help" with whatever he is doing instead of dissolving into shrieking, teary eyed, hysterics, because at that point we cant understand him enough to know what the issue at hand is! I went on to tell him that if he asked for help, we would gladly assisst him, and he would spare himself lots of frustration, grief and broken toys!
As i walked away from this encounter I began to think how much this very lesson applied to me!! I so often wait until I'm beyond frustrated and wallowing in a mess of emotion before I ask for God's help in dealing with some of the simplist situations. HE promises us that if we ask...we will recieve! Furthermore, we would probably spare ourselves the frustration, and the worrying, and the fretting, and the unkind words...if we'd simply ask for HIS help first! I know this is such a simply principal, but for whatever reason, it just seemed to be a gentle reminder to me, as I heard the words coming out of my own was as though i was hearing them being said to me at the same time! Blessings to each of you, as you contiue to LEAN on HIM more daily!


  1. "As I walked away from this encounter I began to think how much this very lesson applied to me." How often I have thought the very same thing! Many, many times I have told Deacon, "be patient" and then I take a step back and realize how I need to be preaching to myself as well. I love how God uses children to teach us about ourselves and our own shortcomings.

  2. Seems like life is a constant lesson in depending more on God and less on ourselves. An especially hard lesson for an independent person to learn... :)

    God bless you as you teach your little guy to lean on Jesus not only for what he lacks, but also for everything he needs! I cannot imagine the responsibility you feel as a parent... but I do know one thing... God's promise to provide extends to you as a mom too! PTL!


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