Friday, January 21, 2011

organizing the ordinary

This week i realized how suddenly things have slowed to the "post-holiday" pace! It's lovely, in all it's foggy-winter day-fuzzy socks, kind of way! It's the ordinary kind of days that allow you to feel like you have a little extra time, and find you wondering what drawer, closet or cabinet can you drag out and re-organize?

The whole laundry room fell prey to my enthusiasm...but the ribbon drawer is the only one I documented! After all, it's probably much more glamorous to photograph than the light bulbs, and paper towel rolls!

yes, what started as a tangled up ball of a mess, from 5 years of collecting various sizes and colors of ribbon....became this glorious, pin-tucked, neatly wound boards of beauty!

not to be outdone by their sisters...the spools, all sitting in their tightly fastened ends, all straight in a row! ( i just realized how much better they would look all color coordinated...gasp...i may need to revisit this drawer!)

Well, that sweeties are sleeping, the tea pot is whistling, and I've still got the scrap fabric drawer awaiting it's transformation! This one may be another photo-credited blog opportunity!

Speaking of sweeties, I'd get a whole lot more organizing done if I wasn't constantly interupted...but when there's pudgy cheeks to kiss, delightful squeals, and little innocent pleas to "help"....who really cares whats behind the closed doors?! ;)

(he's awaiting the sound of the "done" buzzer, so he can help fold the clean clothes....AND of course, put on his favorite pair of pajamas, all warm and snuggly!)


  1. I must say, you have inspired me and perked up my enthusiasm in prettying up my ribbon and things! OH!..and my teapot is now whistling as well! We need to live closer and drink tea together! ta-ta for now :)

  2. Just had to say a quick HI:)My how your "littles" have grown since Oct.!{It was fun to meet you then!}Jan. does have a way of making us want to "organize" doesn't it!I did the same thing to my ribbon last fall & I must gets used much more now too:).


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