Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolve in 2011

Happy New Year” is what we all excitedly wished each other as we began this week…but, at a little stone church, beside the crashing waves of the pacific ocean along the coast of Hawaii…we we’re given this challenge:

None of us are promised a “happy”, crisis free, year! Actually, all of us will deal with some type of crisis or another! In fact, God allows these crises for a purpose! As we encounter them, it is an opportunity for us to live out our faith and see the miraculous power of God displayed!

So, we each should resolve to:

1. Seize the Opportunity of Obstacles.

As the Children of Israel stood facing the Red Sea, with the Egyptian army behind them, they exercised their faith and witnessed God’s mighty hand work right before their eyes! What a challenge for us, as we face our obstacles, to have the faith and believe that He will show us favor and display His power! (Exodus 14)

2. Seize the Opportunity in Scarcity.

Jesus fed the multitude with just five loaves of bread and two fish! He look a situation where there simply wasn’t enough, and performed a miracle! (Matthew 14 ) Whenever we find ourselves in a position that seems like we don’t have enough _______ (fill in the blank….money, will power, etc…) it allows us to use our faith and depend on the grace of God to provide!

3. Seize Opportunity in Uncertainty or Opposition.

When Moses sent men into the Land of Canaan to spy out the land and it’s people! The report came back that the land “flowed with milk and honey” but the inhabitants were giants! How could the Israelite army go up against these great men and conquer them!? They wondered why the Lord had brought them out of Egypt all this way, just to die by the sword of these giants! (Numbers 13)

Sometimes we feel like it’s not “the will of God” when we are faced with uncertainty (giants) or opposition in our lives, but “the will of God” doesn’t always mean things are going to be easy in our relationships, work, church, etc…! Satan uses these devices to hinder us from doing the right thing! Don’t give up when things start getting uncomfortable!

2011 is going to be full of opportunity for the favor of God to flow as we exercise our faith!

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  1. thank you dear friend for this encouragement. #3 especially hit home for me - brought tears to my eyes. Press on! So thankful for fellow travelers!


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