Monday, January 31, 2011


Two very special people have a birthday today! Both of them are celebrating the 25 milestone...both of them being my beautiful sisters! One of them had to share a room with me most of her childhood years, the other has to share a last name with me for the rest of her life! They both are equally a blessing to me, just brought into my life at different times! ;)

To have a sister be your best friend is wonderful in so many ways! (see reasons here...;))
To be separated by thousands of miles is painful for so many reasons! God knew I had a void, and provided a sister-friend to bless my life in so many other wonderful ways!

I had the joy of throwing one of you a party to celebrate, but in my heart it was for both of you!

Wishing you both a blessed and joy-filled birthday! Thankyou for being your wonderful selves!!


  1. Looked like a great party! What a blessing. God knew you needed a sister close (in distance) and chose to give you a great one. :)

  2. and they are both so sweet... looks like you had a beautiful party!

  3. are such a great hostess! (from the looks of things)


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