Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Renovate Part I

This series of posts is long overdue! 2 months overdue, to be exact! I've procrastinated blogging about it, because I didn't know how far back to go, and how in depth to describe! This may bore some of you, and interest others...but either way, it's what consumes most of our time (besides the usual living) around here at casa de frantz!
So, I decided i better start back to the beginning : Circa 2005, Phase I
As newly weds we we're blessed to have the opportunity to start our new life together in the "original" frantz homestead! Meaning, this is where hubby was born and raised for the first 11 years of his life!
Home sweet home? your thinking! ;) I know, she's a beauty...but I have no doubt she's full of sweet memories for a certain family!

So for six months we merely "updated" her essence, and gave her a bit of a face-lift! No exterior walls we're moved, save for the bay window in my kitchen! At the time of being newly weds, the space seemed ample with two bedrooms, two bathrooms! Doing the remodel in two phases, several years apart sounded like a good idea for several reasons!

Well, time has sped by at a much more accelerated rate than we could've ever expected and now 6 years and two children later we found ourselves bursting her seems! ;)

I am withholding photos of the Phase I interior remodel for now because Phase II is real-time! But maybe at the end I'll do an all inclusive posting of the before/afters of both!

So without further delay, here's the start of Phase II! Our needs have changed to include 2 more bedrooms, another bath and a little more "common" living space! The goal being to live here while doing the addition, as well as not disrupting too much of the existing (already remodeled) house! It all sounded fine and dandy, but when the first backhoe appeared to break ground, there was a mixture of excitement and hesitation!

Our little "shoebox" of a house, as we liked to call it, had served us well! I remember vividly the relief of having Phase I done, and if you've ever remodeled even as little as a simple bathroom, you probably know this feeling! The difference is, this time around we we're planning to live amongst the construction...and with two babies! ;)


  1. O goodness. I hope everything goes smoothly...AND FAST! I am excited to see all the pictures as the project is completed (we don't ever get to California)....

  2. Looks like every little boys dream to have forklifts and backhoes and all kinds of fun things to play on. :)

  3. I love to see house changes and remodeled things. Keep the photos coming. Good luck with all the mess. :}

  4. Can't wait to see more!

    ps. Love the circle drive!

  5. Yayyy! Can't wait to see the finished product :) I'm sure it will be worth the mess!


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