Friday, February 4, 2011

a rare occasion

Un-interuppted sleep is a distant memory! I made some very unrealistic assumptions about children, when it comes to their sleep patterns! The day my firstborn slept through the night for the first, i remember thinking..."phew, glad to have that getting up in the night to feed behind me". Now we can all get back to our much needed 8 hours we we're used to getting! Lets all laugh together!
Here is a run down of last night....
9:30 both boys fast asleep
12:02 baby wakes up coughing, crying...get up to prop him up, put in pacifier.
1:45 toddler wake up, come in our room. Put him back to bed.
2:33 toddler comes back in room, says he wet his bed. Change his jammies, put him in our bed because i'm too tired to change his sheets.
3:48 toddler kicking me in the back. Re-position and try to get comfortable.
4:40 baby wakes and is hungry. Get up to feed.
5:00...put baby back to bed, ask myself..."do i just stay up or try for another hour?"
Decided to try for more sleep...
6:15 toddler scrunched right next to me on the edge of bed. Push him back over, and roll out of bed to start the day!

One writer put it this way..."Motherhood is not for the lovers-of-sleep." That has stuck with me and i try to tell myself, when I'm being awakened for the umpteenth time, I cannot be a lover of sleep any longer! In my previously mentioned assumptions, i apparently forgot to take into account that we would be awakened by teething, irritable babies! Then there would be the un-ending cold/cough viruses that seem to be corresponding with each other, somehow systematically affecting children right about the time they are just getting over the previous one!
I also did not account for the bad dreams, sleep talking, and sleep walking! Somehow these became the interruption some time soon after the toddler bed was put to use! The freedom to get oneself up out of his own bed and come find mommy, brought on a whole new category of interruptions we don't even have time to list! ;) From what i hear, when these phases have past, there are more to face with teenagers!

I used to think I was someone that required a lot more sleep than others. Maybe I was considered a lover-of-sleep!? Motherhood definitely makes a good straight 5-6 hour night seem like 10! The energy you feel the next morning is incomparable! Yet other days we continue work through our day in an exhausted state, because that is just what we have to do. The meals don't fix themselves, the dishes and laundry don't wash themselves, and taking care of the children is after all what being a mother is all about! Here is where I we find rest dear mothers..."Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and i will give you rest!" (Matt 11:28) Jesus knows we're weary and He wants us to tell Him about our fatigue! We are never alone in our sleep deprivation!!!


  1. O BOY...Thanks for the glimpse into your wonderful life! I say this...and yes..I am aware of the many times you were awakened...I feel the pain as well! However, it is fun to have the "I need you, mommy" feeling.... not too many years left for this! sending hugs your way!!

  2. I'm assuming that while you were blogging your 2 sweeties were napping. After that kind of night, shouldn't you have been napping also? :)


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