Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's been raining. After 3 days and 3 inches, the sun has again emerged from behind the gray and exposed these tidbits of spring! If your hurriedly going about your day, they are easily over looked! Only when you find yourself searching a little closer, do you find the promise of a changing season in February!

As I was discovering these beauties today, I began to think how gorgeous God's "garden" must of been before sin entered. How could these buds look more perfect, or the blooms more magnificent? And without a weed, or dead branch to distract from their loveliness?

I couldn't seem to get any closer to this little worker! Every time I would start to extend my zoom, he'd sense the intrusion of business and buzz of to some other pollen-filled haven!
I will be back later for you buddy!

The gardener in me was wringing my hands, anxious to pull on the ole' gloves and give these girls some more room to breath in the fresh air! But, it's only February after all and there's certain to be more rain, and maybe cold, and maybe, the boots will remain where they we're last kick off and the coats will continue to cluster on the chair beside the door...but, only for a little while longer!

(Yup, five months already! Life is getting so exciting for this sweetie! Just ask him, he's sure to give you a squeal!)


  1. OH OH OH! PAUSE....I ran outside in the middle of reading this :)....NOTHING here! I will continue to look around for signs of spring. For now we are just enduring the RAIN that spring is notorious for. I am wishing I had planted bulbs last fall!

  2. As we drove through town today, I saw buds on the trees in the park! We've been having springy weather for almost a month now and I'm praying for it to continue! Love seeing pictures of springtime in California though, so post more! :)


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