Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breaking news...

Alert the media: I now have 2 teeth! Now everybody can relax & get some sleep...that is until the next one decides to make it's grand entrance!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

life milestone

Hubby turned the big 3-0 last weekend! He took it all in stride with dignity & grace! I was quite proud of him! And I might add, I liken him to wine...age only adds quality and good taste! ;) I didn't get to throw the big hoop-la that I had hoped, but we did do a little celebrating! Of course, blowing out ones own candles are not an option anymore with a toddler around! I can't begin to list the blessings he brings to my life, so I'll just pray this year be filled with much joy for him! Happy Birthday babe!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Roof: Renovate Part IV

We have a partial roof, and I've never been more thankful for the covering over head! Over the weekend we had a big storm with high winds and lots of rain! Although we experienced a little damage, and a few little leaks...we feel so grateful that we we're this far along in the project!

I have to admit, at the beginning of this project, I didn't know how the boys we're ever going to get good naps again with all the noise being created around them. By the time our roof was being put one, I thought no way...but miraculously they have learned to sleep through it, even when it's directly overhead! ;)
We feel so blessed that everything has moved along so quickly, and so far, safely!! The layer of dust that covers every square inch of the house is gaining depth daily, but I'm thankful my 6 month old isn't an early developer and is trying to crawl all in it! I decided it's probably good for me to live in a little dirt anyway! =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

This post is about a week overdue! Seems to be the reaccruing theme to my life right now! We had the excitement of a spending a couple of days in the mountains last weekend! It was the first time for us this winter, and since it's march, probably the last as well!

There was approximately 4 ft of snow, and no plowed driveway into the cabin! You guessed it...we pulled all our bags, food, and children from the truck to the front door in on these blue plastic sleds! ...nuf said.

He didn't seem to mind a bit, being all snug-as-a-bug, and bouncing along in his seat!
The weather was actually mild, and moderately warm while we we're there, so it made for some fun "playing" conditions!
Moderately warm, or not...keeping the gloves on was still recommended! ;) Seemed to be difficult for the little hands in mittens!
It didn't take him more than 2 runs to figure out how fast and fun the going down is, and huffin-puffin hard work it takes to tromp his way back up! Then he decided if we went down with an adult he'd go faster AND get a free ride back up!
I find this moss fascinating! I simply couldn't figure out how to photograph the vibrance of the color in the dull of the winter surroundings!

It's been stormy & rainy all weekend around here, but we we're reminded of this "promise" early friday evening that seemed to make the whole sky glow!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Framing: Renovate Part III

The progression is exciting! Watching the walls take shape, and being able to stand in the designated rooms is exhilarating! Envisioning the "new" being merged with the "old" is thrilling!

At this stage, things seem to be happening at an accelerated speed, but I know it won't all be this way!

To certain individuals in our household, this just created a whole new area & oppertunity for "riding" miscellaneous vehicles and objects! The fun to be had seems to be endless! Life is such an adventure!

And this blog page couldn't possibly be long enough to describe the length of conversation that this piece of equipment created! :) Cranes we're a favorite before it ever made it's appearance, but now even more!

I have to admit, it was amusing and entertaining to watch for more than just a two year old too!

It's hard to photograph the interior, as all the walls are still just studs... therefore making it difficult to make much sense of the photo! Here is the new living room though, as it gives a general idea of the space we added!

And just to humor you, here is a glimpse of our current living conditions! We have the kitchen, two bedrooms and bath...sectioned off by glamourous plywood dividers!

Word on the street is we get to look at them for 2 months this way too! ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A firm Foundation: Renovate Part II

As the foundation takes shape, we pull out our mud boots, push our hesitations aside and grow more excited! There's no turning back at this point, so we might as well embrace the mess!

Construction in the winter months of CA is guaranteed to be muddy, and it doesn't seem to kick itself off at the door jam! I'd find a small set of boots carelessly abandoned in a heap of mud, and not too far off, a pair of socked feet happily running about!

Each morning the question is what kind of "big truck" will be pulling into our drive. Breakfast is eaten with little interest, and barely digested before it's time to head out see the excitement! When the day has ended, as if there hasn't been enough action, we pull out the Lego's to re-create the construction scene all over again!

So it seems this part is a big step! Imagine, everything is supported from this solid piece of rock! Bearing all the weight of every small or large object that makes up the form of what we call home! No wonder God is likened to being our "foundation" and a "solid rock". If only we would remember to let him bear the weight of even our smallest obstacles in life!

Friday, March 4, 2011

tasty bugs

Never trust a face that looks like this! Although, with those eyes, who wouldn't? But then again, those eyes are all-telling when mischief has been had!

But lets focus on the bottom third of this suspects face! There is the real evidence!

Who would've guessed this all started with an innocent lady bug? I've always heard they are harmless, even maybe a bit helpful!

More evidence reveals that there was a grandmother involved in this case as well! Never send your toddler into a bakery alone with this particular kind! They are known to be "armed & dangerous". ;)

Guilty, until proven innocent!

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