Saturday, March 5, 2011

A firm Foundation: Renovate Part II

As the foundation takes shape, we pull out our mud boots, push our hesitations aside and grow more excited! There's no turning back at this point, so we might as well embrace the mess!

Construction in the winter months of CA is guaranteed to be muddy, and it doesn't seem to kick itself off at the door jam! I'd find a small set of boots carelessly abandoned in a heap of mud, and not too far off, a pair of socked feet happily running about!

Each morning the question is what kind of "big truck" will be pulling into our drive. Breakfast is eaten with little interest, and barely digested before it's time to head out see the excitement! When the day has ended, as if there hasn't been enough action, we pull out the Lego's to re-create the construction scene all over again!

So it seems this part is a big step! Imagine, everything is supported from this solid piece of rock! Bearing all the weight of every small or large object that makes up the form of what we call home! No wonder God is likened to being our "foundation" and a "solid rock". If only we would remember to let him bear the weight of even our smallest obstacles in life!

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  1. MEL!!! This looks SO excitting! I want to see MORE of what you are doing.... I love to read your blog. It makes me feel as if I can keep up with you! Althoguh I wish we were closer so that we could REALLY be together:) I hope and PRAY that you are doing well. Keep those updates coming!
    Love you girl~


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