Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Framing: Renovate Part III

The progression is exciting! Watching the walls take shape, and being able to stand in the designated rooms is exhilarating! Envisioning the "new" being merged with the "old" is thrilling!

At this stage, things seem to be happening at an accelerated speed, but I know it won't all be this way!

To certain individuals in our household, this just created a whole new area & oppertunity for "riding" miscellaneous vehicles and objects! The fun to be had seems to be endless! Life is such an adventure!

And this blog page couldn't possibly be long enough to describe the length of conversation that this piece of equipment created! :) Cranes we're a favorite before it ever made it's appearance, but now even more!

I have to admit, it was amusing and entertaining to watch for more than just a two year old too!

It's hard to photograph the interior, as all the walls are still just studs... therefore making it difficult to make much sense of the photo! Here is the new living room though, as it gives a general idea of the space we added!

And just to humor you, here is a glimpse of our current living conditions! We have the kitchen, two bedrooms and bath...sectioned off by glamourous plywood dividers!

Word on the street is we get to look at them for 2 months this way too! ;)


  1. Oh...even I am excited and it is not my home! I cannot wait for the next update :) I am sure it will be done before you know it!

  2. How fun! If you're anything like me, you're already planning where furniture is going to go and what new piece would be perfect for a certain spot. I think dreaming is the best part, cause usually reality sets in and I find I don't have as much time or money as I thought I was going to. :)

    Regarding the whole decor thing... I always have to remind myself that a house can be decorated top to bottom in a day, but it takes time (many years even) to make a real home. Not that that melts away the impatience or anything but...

    Hoping everything (most importantly this construction stage) goes perfectly smooth for you!

  3. How exciting!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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