Sunday, March 20, 2011

This post is about a week overdue! Seems to be the reaccruing theme to my life right now! We had the excitement of a spending a couple of days in the mountains last weekend! It was the first time for us this winter, and since it's march, probably the last as well!

There was approximately 4 ft of snow, and no plowed driveway into the cabin! You guessed it...we pulled all our bags, food, and children from the truck to the front door in on these blue plastic sleds! ...nuf said.

He didn't seem to mind a bit, being all snug-as-a-bug, and bouncing along in his seat!
The weather was actually mild, and moderately warm while we we're there, so it made for some fun "playing" conditions!
Moderately warm, or not...keeping the gloves on was still recommended! ;) Seemed to be difficult for the little hands in mittens!
It didn't take him more than 2 runs to figure out how fast and fun the going down is, and huffin-puffin hard work it takes to tromp his way back up! Then he decided if we went down with an adult he'd go faster AND get a free ride back up!
I find this moss fascinating! I simply couldn't figure out how to photograph the vibrance of the color in the dull of the winter surroundings!

It's been stormy & rainy all weekend around here, but we we're reminded of this "promise" early friday evening that seemed to make the whole sky glow!


  1. How fun to taste a bit more winter up in the middle of springtime! Where did y'all go?

  2. Looks like a super fun time! Love Cohen in his carseat on the sled! haha


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