Thursday, April 28, 2011

Somewhere between inside and out...

*google image*

Nope, haven't forgot about you all! The above image is a pretty clear description of how I would describe my state of being these days! But, that's not what I'm here to blog besides the hair raising details of my week, here's what else that has been going on at Casa de Frantz!

The results of our labors earlier this month, are springing up and bringing forth much excitement! I wasn't sure how many seeds actually got put in the holes i poked, but seems my budding gardener didn't miss a beat!

I usually look forward to the early spring hours spent in the greenhouse putting together these mossy beauties for our garden center, but I had to have a heart to heart with them this year and explain why my time with them was expected to be scarce! Unfortunately they are showing their disdain by refusing to grow very fast, and displaying their show girl qualities!

And just for a quick tease, here's a little something to show we're still making progress with the house...even though it's slowed to what feels like a crawl!

The interior is almost completely painted, and the exterior mess is turning into some sense that resembles stone & stucco!

So don't sign off yet...we have flooring suppose to come next week! I can hardly wait to trade my dirty, plaster crusted slippers for a pair of a clean new pair!

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