Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plaster Within & Without: Renovate Part VI

We we're blessed with several days of beautiful 80deg. sunshine last week, and it made for some wonderful stucco/plaster conditions! I don't think I've posted a picture of the back of the house yet, so thought I'd throw a couple in on this posting! So for you Midwestern-ners, like me, who aren't familiar with the stucco process...there are three layers of plaster that go into this process. This is just the first, which has no color tinting, and resembles concrete a bit! You can tell the difference between the existing house, and the addition by this picture!

Remember the stacks of drywall boards?! Things are getting exciting in my book, when they start to look like this....

(And if you we're wondering, this is what you would see if you walked in the new addition/back porch entry!)
Now that I'm typing explanations of location, this shot may thoroughly confuse you, but if you continued down the hall from the back porch entry, you would walk through this little doorway into the new living room!

And if I could be so priviledged to have you come stay in my home, here is where I would treat you to my most hospitable offerings! ;)

The decision making has escalated, and today I made my second attempt this week to pick out paint colors! I have this love/hate relationship with paint, but my in-decisiveness was not the hold up! Apparently taking two small children with you to make decisions on what color to paint your walls is not a good idea! In a 20 mins time, I'm more than certain every color we pulled out somehow seem to turn to "red" in my eyes! ;) I'm keeping my chin up though, cause the only thing more exciting than drywall is PAINT!!!!


  1. Oh, I feel your pain immensely when it comes to in-decisiveness (and taking two little to ANY store with by yourself!)....i am excited to see what colors you choose...i really enjoy the orange and yellow you have already :).......xx

  2. Okay so I am IN LOVE with all the Arches and Detail that you have already put into it! You have an amazing EYE for decorating and all I can say is WOW and how soon can you come out and HELP me???
    love you friend;)

  3. Love it all! Good luck with the paint, it can be a huge challenge with little people:) I just love your place, and yes, I am a little jealous. I told Brett it would be so fun to live somewhere and beable to have lovely landscape, with out all the wind and ice damage we recieve. Enjoy!

  4. I second Tamara's post...oh, to have your creative eye! :D
    Love you, dear!

  5. I love the arches too... very classy. Looking forward to seeing what you choose for paint! It's gonna be beautiful!

  6. Yipeeeee! I feel your excitement!


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