Saturday, May 21, 2011

frantz boy {NO.4}

To all who don't know... I have a new nephew!! He missed my birthday by one day! I thought we'd agreed on sharing, but apparently he didn't take our little chat to heart! ;)

He is perfectly precious, and as sweet as they come! I already know he's gonna be one tough cookie! How do I know? Because here's where he follow's in the line up....

Enter {No. 1} and {No.2}
These two are peas in a pod! Trouble is quickly brewing for the frantz farm!

Closely followed by {No.3}
(i know he doesn't look threatening now, but watch out...he already knows how to use those eyes against ya!)

See...tough cookie huh?! Lord have mercy, if there is ever another and it's a girl!!


  1. Cohen's eyes are to die for!! It will be hard saying no to those sweet things. :)

  2. Oh what a dear....its about all this aunt can take to not be able to squeeze him RIGHT NOW....I know all too well how quickly this precious stage goes by:\ I love all your sweet boys and miss them terribly!!:( so glad we get to see you K and {No 1 & 3}soon!! :) My love to all!!


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