Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Room Reveal: Part I

We've finally arrived at a semi-state of finished! I had visions of posting pics of the finished project in some type of order, like as if you'd walk through the front door and gracefully flow through each room! But, the reality is, there is still a lot of missing pieces and more than likely you would trip on some form of toy upon entering...therefore we will side step our way through each room in no orderly fashion...as though you we're here for real! ;)

For the boys room, we choose a bright, fun color palette as to encourage waking up each morning with cheerful-ness! Turns out color doesn't necessarily determine ones mood, no matter which side they roll themselves out on!

Our next choice was "recycled, distressed" furniture that we either made ourselves or snagged off craigslist for a steal! The theory here is if it's neither valuable or of perfect form, less contention would develop when Bob the Builder, Farmer Ben or Picasso decided to use their headboard for a work zone!

So far this seems to be a good theory, but what we didn't account for was how convienantly situated the boards seem to ladder their way up the side of the wall, and serve as a platform for jumping...or attempts to fly...or any other forward/upward propelling motion imagined!

So the headboards may have added some training, but this locker/nightstand has proved to add some family fun! To this 3 year olds delight, being small is a definite advantage in this case! He can serve up a mean big mac, french fries and chocolate shake at the click of a locker door! In just seconds he's back out with your desired order....with a smile!

So there you have it! I didn't include pictures of their closet for the fact that I shoved all the previously mention toys into it for the 3 minutes it took me to take some decent pictures of their room...without side-stepping...or tripping all together!

In case you missed the renovation process, catch up here:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

eastbound fun

As always, I'm delayed on posting the recent happenings...but here's a quick run down of our trip back east! We hadn't really planned to go, but several things that were hindering us, seem to fall into place last minute! Needless to say, we grabbed some decent priced tickets and away we flew!

Our first morning there, we celebrated the 3rd birthday of Mr. G! What better place to have a birthday, than at grandmas? Candles in your breakfast muffin is the only way to go!

And more candles later for the big party, only made the day better! He informed me weeks before the actual day that he wanted a "pink" birthday! Not sure what spurred this desire, but we smiled and he was granted his wish by way of raspberry homemade ice cream!

Surrounded by cousins, all eager to help!

This one nabbed the first "noise-making" gift opened!

Little brother's gotta get in on the fun too! And while we're on the subject, things are starting to change rapidly with this guy...anything that big brother has, is a must-have in his eyes! New birthday gifts are no exception! You can imagine the fun we're having with these moments!

If you don't know how old he is now...just ask him...he'll be glad to tell you! ;)

We spent most of our time with my family, but we're able to take in a couple days of our annual church conference! Unfortunately, my camera never made it from the car, into my bag, so I have no pictures of our time there! We enjoyed seeing so many of our freinds and their growing families!

The cousins made use of the hot summer days, and spent hours playing & laughing in the sunshine! Its so special to have these times together, and see them interacting and building relationships.

I'm always reminded during these summer trips home, how fast I acclimated to the non-humidity heat of CA. No use complaining though, I don't get much sympathy!

It doesn't get much better than slip-n-slides and icey-pops...

...unless there is a runny tractor on the premises! And that doesn't apply for just little boys! ;)
Hubby was put to work fast, when the feilds started drying and the planting was past time to be done!

There was other planting being done as well, and my "expieranced" gardener wasn't missing out on that either!

We're blessed by these sweet memories, and it's always hard come time to say goodbye!

But, I always say how thankful I am for the day in age we live in where travel is easy (well, thats all relative with two small children ;) and still somewhat affordable! We pray these blessings continue!

Now back home to the project we left! ;) I keep promising "finished" pictures, but I'm realizing how long its going to take to actually finish...so I'll just have to do more of a "current" and fill in the blanks later!

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