Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Room Reveal: Part I

We've finally arrived at a semi-state of finished! I had visions of posting pics of the finished project in some type of order, like as if you'd walk through the front door and gracefully flow through each room! But, the reality is, there is still a lot of missing pieces and more than likely you would trip on some form of toy upon entering...therefore we will side step our way through each room in no orderly fashion...as though you we're here for real! ;)

For the boys room, we choose a bright, fun color palette as to encourage waking up each morning with cheerful-ness! Turns out color doesn't necessarily determine ones mood, no matter which side they roll themselves out on!

Our next choice was "recycled, distressed" furniture that we either made ourselves or snagged off craigslist for a steal! The theory here is if it's neither valuable or of perfect form, less contention would develop when Bob the Builder, Farmer Ben or Picasso decided to use their headboard for a work zone!

So far this seems to be a good theory, but what we didn't account for was how convienantly situated the boards seem to ladder their way up the side of the wall, and serve as a platform for jumping...or attempts to fly...or any other forward/upward propelling motion imagined!

So the headboards may have added some training, but this locker/nightstand has proved to add some family fun! To this 3 year olds delight, being small is a definite advantage in this case! He can serve up a mean big mac, french fries and chocolate shake at the click of a locker door! In just seconds he's back out with your desired order....with a smile!

So there you have it! I didn't include pictures of their closet for the fact that I shoved all the previously mention toys into it for the 3 minutes it took me to take some decent pictures of their room...without side-stepping...or tripping all together!

In case you missed the renovation process, catch up here:


  1. Mel - I love love love the headboards. After hearing you describe them I was looking forward to see what they look like. Very nice overall.

  2. I love the headboards as well...I am SO into the distressed look! I like the colors too :) .....It leaves me thirsty for more pictures!!

  3. what a fun room & I agree with all above :)!I love the headbords!Putting the boys names on them was such a great idea!

  4. ADORABLE!! Love the colors and great idea for the headboard. You've got designing talent, girl.

  5. Those are the cutest beds I've seen for a long time! I love how you put their names/birthdays on them:) Too, too cute. Love the lockers too. Excellent decor!

  6. Those head boards are too cute! Love the room...


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