Thursday, July 28, 2011

50 on 50

This post is monumental! It represents the 50th post on my blog! In one sense it's a great accomplishment, but then I realized I've been blogging for 8 moths now, and that's only an average of 6 post a month! I plan to do better for the next 50 post! ;)\

Anyway, since the stage of life I'm in is mostly consumed with motherhood, I thought I'd do a special post that follows suit:

50 random musings on Motherhood

1. There are no words to describe the feeling of holding your child for the first time.

2. These very beings that bring us so much joy, can cause us so much grief.

3.Children have us as parents figured out, way before we can figure them out.

4. Tough love is just that....tough.

5. 8 hours of sleep is a luxury.

6. Seeing your child uncomfortable with sickness is heart wrenching.

7. Going grocery shopping alone is exhilarating.

8. Being humiliated in the grocery store is not.

9. A diaper pail with a few days worth requires a bomb squad.

10. Potty training a toddler boy take a police force.

11. Hearing "the wheels on the bus" 25 times in a row gives you a headache.

12. Curious George is a very disobedient monkey.

13. Carrots make great space shuttles, and you can "hook-up" french fries to chicken nuggets.

14. Simultaneous naps is a phenomenon.

15. Making a baby laugh, is the best medicine.

16. 3 changes of clothes a day doesn't seem unreasonable.

17. 6 loads of laundry a week does.

18. A teething baby can compromise your sanity.

19. Waking up each morning with a song in your heart makes the day go better.

20. Eating a snack alone requires locking the bathroom door or sitting in the dark.

21. The floor after meal time looks like the aftermath of a natural disaster.

22. The tupperware drawer is prime real estate for imaginative play.

23. Small children on airplanes can give you ulcers.

24. Hearing a toddler pray is often humorous.

25. And tear jerking.

26. Daddy is always way more fun.

27. Grandma is even more fun.

28. Going to Costco is as exciting as 6 flags.

29. A whole day can be consumed with feed: change: nap: rinse: repeat...

30. Having a 3 year old "shadow" is freightening.

31. Hearing your "shadow" sing to his baby brother is heart melting.

32. Watching your "shadow" fold laundry, brings a smile.

33. The bathroom is no longer a place of privacy.

34. Unless the door is locked, and your trying to sneak a snack.

35. Contentment comes with those lazy days when books, blankeys, and bottles all find their way in my lap.

36. I have a love/hate relationship with pacifiers.

37. Nursery rhymes seem so morbid for the audience they we're intended.

38. Carseats come with a user guide an inch thick.

39. And thats just the English version.

40. Now, I'm really digging deep to think of some more musings.

41. There's something delightful about discovering the simple things of Creation with a toddler.

42. Cleaning the dirt & grime out of the tub after a day of discovering is detestable.

43. The noise that the tub drain makes has been known to cause pandamonia.

44. Having a public bathroom toilet automatically flush on you causes pandamonia every time.

45. I often learn more from my children, than my children learn from me.

46. Being consistent is frustratingly difficult.

47. There have been times that I've sat with tears pouring down my face, asking God how these children are intended to bless.

48. There have been times that I have sat with tears pouring down my face in thankful-ness for these incredible blessings that God has given me!

49. I think of how much our lives as Mothers is a sacrafice, but then think how much God sacraficed for US!

50. And I've finally reached 50, but would love to hear what you all have to add!


  1. Hey good list :)I was laughing @ how true some statements were!I can think of 3 others...
    *You can NOT make it thru a meal without taking someone to the bathroom @ least once!
    *Their best play time {getting along time :)} is ALWAYS right before bed!
    *How sweet that little hand in mine feels :)
    Blessings to you, as we ALL strive to be Godly mothers...

  2. Amen to 4,6,7,9, 14. 15 saves our sanity!!!! or at least turns around a bad day. amen to 23, 24, 37. 41 gets an ! and 46? Keep it up! You are a wonderful mother =) Really, truly, you are.

    For me?
    1. No one told me how much work children are.
    2. Each child will have different struggles and there are different solutions to different struggles...hey, i guess it keeps us on our toes...and more importantly, on our knees.
    3. Peace and quiet....a beautiful thing.
    4. My day goes so much better when it starts with the Bible...why can't I get that knowledge into more consistent practice?

    Blessings to all mother's out there.

  3. "mother" more often than not means "referee"....

    dinner as a mother WILL always end with you (the mother)eating a cold meal .....

    kids make you a big fan of cold coffee....

    thanks Mel...your list cracked me up (with how profoundly true!)

  4. I LOVE this!these days im lucky if my days acclompishments include a shower, so this was nice to read.but the days go so fast and I have finally! with my third learned to just not worry, sit and hold her, and let the other two have fun making a mess while i sit and feed her :) blessings!

  5. LOVE your list! :D

    I would add that: Sometimes it is worth it to get up at 5:30 just to enjoy an hour and a half of silence in the house. (Why is silence sometimes the most precious sound of all?)

    AND washing your hair and shaving your legs at the same shower-time is a luxury!

    AND a hungry boy will think ANYthing is 'Oh, YUM!, Mom! That's my FAVorite thing in the WHOLE WORLD!'

  6. I love coming for a visit and discovering your precious gems of observation. I nodded my head and smile over the oh so true list. Have a wonderful week dear one.


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