Sunday, July 24, 2011

benefits of 2...continues...

Several months ago, I had some what of an epiphany on how much fun my two boys we're going to have together! I was excited to see them develop a friendship and learn to enjoy each others company whilst they played!
Well, today I felt compelled to re-visit those wishful thoughts and check-in with reality! Let me tell you, they don't always enjoy each others company and when they's in a much different way than I had envisioned! :)
We took down G's toddler bed to make more room in C's room, and I never would've imagined the fun these two could come up with on a bare mattress thrown on the floor! I also never would've imagined that such "little" boys could play so......well, so much like BOYS! (aka, head butting, wrestling, rough housing)

Clearly, who had the upper hand is pretty evident...but let me tell you, Blondy was holding his own pretty good for as little as he is! Most days, I've found I have to place them both in their respective rooms to keep peace in the house! It seems like their little "selfish hearts" don't seem to be getting the memo that I keep posting! Now that little brother is mobile, nothing is off limits and big brother doesn't appreciate his stuff "re-arranged".

Usually the pattern goes...bartering, protesting, hollering...and then crying! (by either or both parties!) If at this point in time I haven't intervened, big brother feels like justice is somehow served if he sits on top of little brother to prevent any further trespasses!

But, for this moment, the mattress served as the medium for enjoyment they found in each other and I just sat back and smiled! ( and grabbed the camera to catch it on film:) And, I'm once again finding myself looking forward to more of THESE moments!


  1. I am so glad to see that it isn't just my toddler that climbs over, on top of, around his baby brother! I always feel like I have to play referee...but baby seems to like it (laughs) I sit back and watch carefully...cringing and at the ready to jump in like the superhero momma I pretend I am! lol!

  2. A great moment to capture! =) Boys are a challenge...but quite the blessing =)


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