Friday, July 8, 2011


They're hitched! Officially it was last Sat., but to stay true to my blogging habits, I'm posting about it a week later! ;) It was a gorgeous evening in so many aspects, except for the beads of sweat running down every ones backs as the love birds exchanged their "i-do's".

The weather had cooled down from a sweltering 104* to about 98*, but fortunately the ceremony was in a pretty shaded area and didn't commence until close to 7pm.
I might add here that a person of my stature does not have the ability or luxury to see very well in large crowds or settings of this type! Therefore, I will spare you the horrible photography that I strained to take during the ceremony!

As we walked the short walk down the oak lined driveway, it was like entering an exclusive party in Napa Valley! Simply breath taking! In my book, olive branches + burlap + bistro lights = beautiful, no matter how you mix it!

Now for a word on the cake! Well, display it on a wine barrel and I'm already sold, but this beauty was a whole lot more than just pretty to look at! Y to the U to the M!

I just realized we're out of sequence here, but none the less...the hors d'oeuvres we're enough to make a meal on!

And here we are back at the reception, where I need to introduce to you my first official house guests! She was a stunning bridesmaid and I got the pleasure of having her for a whole week before her hubby arrived! Alright, so maybe she did come to help the bride, but let me tell you I put her to work when she thought she had some down time! :) Thank you my dear friend, I've missed your sweet smile in the mornings!

It would only be appropriate to add a quick note on the "chandelier"! Oh glory, this honey hung above the bridal table before lovingly shedding it's soft glow on the evenings end!

And in theme with the holiday weekend, we sent them off with sparkling light and well wishes!

...and they lived Happily Ever After! ;)

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