Monday, August 29, 2011

All in a weeks work.

I'm finding myself, along with some of you as well, spending these late summer days preparing, preserving and processing! Last week was no different, and by the third batch of tomato sauce I had to remind myself what a blessing it is to have such bounty! (and how grateful we will be this winter!)
Boredom seems to strike the smaller occupants of our home when mom is busy doing the afore mentioned duties. Yes, we've tried "helping" with the peeling, and running of the blender...but we both lose interest quickly! :) I try to encourge the imaginative play as much as possible when I need him to entertain himself. One afternoon I left my station in the kitchen to find him in the laundry room......

giving "Cody" a haircut! :) Fortunately scissors we're not involved, and he was happily using some contraption from his constructs set, as a razor! The kitchen dish towel draped around Cody's neck was what really brought the smile to my face!

As our week progressed, things got even more exciting when a playmate, other than Cody and little brother, came to livin things up!

Well, he's kinda like a brother....but really a cousin! Business took both of their daddy's out of town for the night, so the mommy's decided a slumber party seemed like a good idea!

They had fun alright! There wasn't as much sitting and chatting done between the mommys as invisioned, but rather running here, chasing there and referee-ing! Then again, what do you expect with four boys ages 3 and under.

It may be awhile until getting together is less exhausting for us, but what we do enjoy is watching these little guys learn to love to be together.

One can only imagine the mischief yet to come, and the messes yet to be made...but what are cousins for, right?

As for the moms?...when the littles are all tucked in bed, put on a pot of coffee and chat away! (or flop in bed in an exhaustive state and vent to eachother your frustrations! ;)

p.s. AND aren't we all happy to see daddy come back home?!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stuck in neutral

I've been having a hard time feeling motivated the last couple of days! It's not because I don't have much to do, or because of some unfortunate bout of sickness!

It's because I'm still moving in slow motion and daydreaming of our blissful weekend! Hubby whisked me away for a little r&r to Carmel....just the two of us! It was splendid! Did I mention it was just the two of us?

Mainly we ate! Oh the food!...I could ramble on for the rest of this post about the food! I had intentions of taking photos of the beautifully displayed morsels on my plate before I consumed them! I repeatedly with each meal would forget, at the appearance of the waiter with plate in hand! There are so many little restaurants in this town, and they are almost all cute little street side cafes and bistros like the one photographed above! Bon apetite'!!

Then, to make up for all the food we ate, we walked the streets along Ocean Ave. and admired the beauty of the architecture and the bustle of the tourist! So intriguing, they both are! We did find ourselves occasionally stopping off along the way at a boutique shop here or there!

And, when we walked ourselves hungry again, we'd find another restaurant to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, more food, and more quality conversation, with only the interruption of the bus boy refilling our water glasses!

Now I might mention, I did still have to reign in the attention of my beloved from time to time through out the weekend! It seems there was a rather large event happening in town the same weekend we were there, and it involved lots of very nice automobiles! Coincidence? I think not! ;)

Anyway, hubby had the camera most of the weekend, and here is a few shots he captured! Not sure how he was able to hold the lens still long enough for the shutter to click because of his excitement!

I must say, I'd never seen most of these in person either...but after the first 15, I was wondering if they we're the same cars just driving in circles around town! They were in every kind and color!

Yes, this is his proudest shot of the whole weekend! It's just a meter maid, but needless to say...she could have cared less how impressive the car was!

So, now I sit looking at my piles of unfolded laundry...there is a box of pears ripening in the pantry...the floor has food left un-swept from breakfast and I'm still waiting for my engine to find first gear!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

silent ride

Remember that "List" I compiled a couple of post ago? Here's one to add, and I took pictures to document it since it's a rare occasion!

I had to make a quick run to the fruit stand before I could finish preparing supper, so I loaded them both up in a hungry/tired frenzy! Usually this is a recipe for alot of grumbling and fussing!

But in just a few short minutes I was driving to the sweet sound of silence, and somehow made it there and back home without even as much as a whine! { Love those peaceful car rides! }

p.s the only thing better is the sound of the melody of their sweet voices singing as we drive along! ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

warm summers eve

Yesterday was one of those summer days when the heat seems to slow time enough to make you stop and absorb the season around you!

It's when the plump cheeks of tomatoes in the garden turn a rosy red and seem to abound in numbers that you know the season is at it's fullest!

It's when the evening hours are spent lazily casting a line to catch a glimmer of excitement in the form of a wiggly, slippery, bulging eyed creature! In this case, bravery was left with the bait at the end of the hook, and the creature was met with more hesitation than excitement! ;)

It's when the juiciest summer fruits find their way to the floor and into the grip of curious hands and inevitably the mouth of a novice!

There will more than likely be a juicy, sticky trail from all corners of the kitchen floor, but the enjoyment and satisfaction is of no question!

And these are the days that at at the close of the day, we open the windows to catch the evening breeze, flop ourselves down on the bed, and say "aaahhh, summer".....

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