Monday, August 29, 2011

All in a weeks work.

I'm finding myself, along with some of you as well, spending these late summer days preparing, preserving and processing! Last week was no different, and by the third batch of tomato sauce I had to remind myself what a blessing it is to have such bounty! (and how grateful we will be this winter!)
Boredom seems to strike the smaller occupants of our home when mom is busy doing the afore mentioned duties. Yes, we've tried "helping" with the peeling, and running of the blender...but we both lose interest quickly! :) I try to encourge the imaginative play as much as possible when I need him to entertain himself. One afternoon I left my station in the kitchen to find him in the laundry room......

giving "Cody" a haircut! :) Fortunately scissors we're not involved, and he was happily using some contraption from his constructs set, as a razor! The kitchen dish towel draped around Cody's neck was what really brought the smile to my face!

As our week progressed, things got even more exciting when a playmate, other than Cody and little brother, came to livin things up!

Well, he's kinda like a brother....but really a cousin! Business took both of their daddy's out of town for the night, so the mommy's decided a slumber party seemed like a good idea!

They had fun alright! There wasn't as much sitting and chatting done between the mommys as invisioned, but rather running here, chasing there and referee-ing! Then again, what do you expect with four boys ages 3 and under.

It may be awhile until getting together is less exhausting for us, but what we do enjoy is watching these little guys learn to love to be together.

One can only imagine the mischief yet to come, and the messes yet to be made...but what are cousins for, right?

As for the moms?...when the littles are all tucked in bed, put on a pot of coffee and chat away! (or flop in bed in an exhaustive state and vent to eachother your frustrations! ;)

p.s. AND aren't we all happy to see daddy come back home?!

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  1. Oh I totally understand how it felt last week to have daddy away! Brent was gone for a week. This pregnant mama was exhausted. Glad that your hubby is back!


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