Thursday, August 4, 2011

warm summers eve

Yesterday was one of those summer days when the heat seems to slow time enough to make you stop and absorb the season around you!

It's when the plump cheeks of tomatoes in the garden turn a rosy red and seem to abound in numbers that you know the season is at it's fullest!

It's when the evening hours are spent lazily casting a line to catch a glimmer of excitement in the form of a wiggly, slippery, bulging eyed creature! In this case, bravery was left with the bait at the end of the hook, and the creature was met with more hesitation than excitement! ;)

It's when the juiciest summer fruits find their way to the floor and into the grip of curious hands and inevitably the mouth of a novice!

There will more than likely be a juicy, sticky trail from all corners of the kitchen floor, but the enjoyment and satisfaction is of no question!

And these are the days that at at the close of the day, we open the windows to catch the evening breeze, flop ourselves down on the bed, and say "aaahhh, summer".....

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