Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Bdr/Bath: Room Reveal III

I have to admit, I hit the skids and we've been doing a whole lot more "living" in our new space
than decorating! I kind of lost motivation and the little gaps of missing pieces don't seem to bother me anymore!
The beauty of it is, there is no rush and I prefer to take my time shopping and find that "just right" piece in those "unlikely" places anyway!
So, if we would ever be so privileged to have you as a guest in our home, this room is where you would be accommodated!

I really had no vision for the so called guest room, but rather started pulling in all those pieces that were previously in another room in the house that were no longer needed for that room! One of my favorite things to do a couple of times a year is to pull a bunch of small decorating pieces from several different rooms and re-distribute and re-purpose them all in different spots for a completely fresh new look!

So when it came to putting all my "orphaned" pieces of furniture, bedding and wall hangings in one room, I was ready for the challenge! ;) And it was a whole lot cheaper than buying new!

I did buy a couple of new pillows for the bed, and I'm still on the search for the perfect frame for my bird poster...but, for now, it works!!

Excuse the poor lighting of this photo, but I had to include my "used to be in the dining room" cabinet that now I use for display/storage of all my random knickknacks that are too cute to put in a box somewhere!

One item in the cabinet: my collection of Mistral soap! ;) Definitely worth displaying, rather than just throwing in the bottom of the bathroom drawer somewhere! Its always so hard to decide whether to use it and enjoy the lovely smell and feel of it, or just look at the beautifully wrapped bars!

Moving on down the hall now, you should know, that during your stay with us you will be sharing a bathroom with a three year old! If you forget your toothpaste? No worries, you'll find a fresh tube on the counter with Elmo to save the day!

Since this is the kids bathroom most days, but a guest bath some day...I tried to do a fun, casual feel, but with practicality and usability for both uses! The claw foot tub ended up exceeding expectations on both levels! Not only did it achieve the "old world" look I love, it is easy to bathe the kids in for leaning over the sides, and the extendable spray arm for rinsing heads! :)

Off of the toilet room (which I didn't not photograph, since we all know what they look like :) is the shower. I contorted myself as much as possible, but this is the best shot I could come up with without a wide angle lens! Hopefully you won't get dizzy during your shower, but if you get bored, you could always play checkers!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A sweet celebration.

First birthday parties, you either love them...or think they're ridiculous! Or both! The child is never going to remember the party, but maybe they're more for the parents anyway! That first year IS something to celebrate! So many firsts to celebrate, so much change to celebrate!

This little person goes from a wee little helpless newborn, to a toddler walking around pulling everything out of your cabinets and turning on tub faucets three steps up! Whose says that doesn't call for a celebration!

Although a year does seem to go by fast, thankfully the change between stages is somewhat gradual! I've always said, I don't know who learns more that first year, the baby or the parents! Maybe I'm just a slow learner, or maybe it just takes me awhile to catch on to things!

Anyway, we celebrated! To all that has changed, and to all that's to come! Birthday boy didn't act real excited about all the hoopla, nor was he very impressed with his cake! It wasn't very impressive, but I told him his mama lacks cake decoratin skills and he betta get impressed!

He had to be prompted a little when show time came! Of all the things, when he's actually allowed to stick his hands in something! He never needs prompting to swish his hands around in the toilet bowl when he's lucky to find the seat left up!

Somehow he managed though! He only ate a few tiny bites, but the icing proved to be fun to play in!

And for a quick word on the gifts...lets just say they we're unwrapped in a furry and attempted to walk away before birthday boy even set eyes on them! It's tough being 1, when you've got an older brother and cousin! He didn't seem to mind...but watch out next year boys!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A year ago today, we we're blessed with the new life of sweet baby C! What a joy he has brought to our family! He smiles so easily, and seems to be pretty easy going! Usually sleeps 10 hours a night, and eats like a grown man! Now before you think he's the perfect baby, I will add...he has spunk, and knows how to sass like the best of them! His way of making himself known when something crosses him sideways (usually his big brother), is to let out a big squeal! He adores his daddy, and will crawl at the speed of light down the entryway hall when he hears him come in from work! Being outside, riding on his push car, is how he'd spend every minute of the day if he could. He loves our dogs, and especially our cat! He started walking at 11 months, but still prefers the efficient speed of crawling!
I know the next year will have it's challenges as he learns and we continue to train him about the lessons of life, but I'm excited to see his little personally continue to develope as well!

Happy Birthday baby boy!

*stay tuned for party pictures*

Monday, September 12, 2011

The way it goes.

The weekend started out with anticipation and excitement, and ended prematurely and with disappointment! That's the way it goes though, sometimes!

You plan the fun a couple of months in advance, but when the ole' rascal virus decides to strike...he is neither considerate of person nor place!

We headed up the mountain with the whole Frantz clan to enjoy creation as it fades from summer to fall! We did enjoy a few hours, and it wasn't creation that let us down!

This guy decided to pack along a bug, and it wasn't the kind with four, six, or eight legs! This picture was taken in the first few shining hours of the trip! ;)

Memories we're made though...especially for big brother! Reading stories for as long as he'd sit, and hot chocolate for breakfast, are only served up by none other than Grandpa & Grandma!

It stormed a bit, and rained a little, but when the sun came out to shine we spent some time enjoying the fun of a mountain stream!

Not sure who was more excited, the fisherman or spectator! (he's clapping, if you we're wondering :)

A tradition passed down from daddy, who used to spend his childhood camping days sailing boats down this same creek!

What better way to teach these little ones about our marvalous God, than to be able to point to His spectacular creation and stand looking in awe together!

There was not much marvaling going on by little brother, during this whole creek side expedition. The advil kept the fever at bay, but not the grumps!

My camera didn't seem to make it's way out of the bag during our few hours of cabin lounging and game playing, but I did have Mr. Grumps to contend with, so pardon the lack of photos!

We called it quits a day shorter than the rest of the family, but our beds felt pretty good after not sleeping much the night before! C seemed to cheer up a little at the sight of his crib too! We we're even more relieved to be home after G came down with a fever as well on Sunday afternoon!

And as the saying goes....It's nice to go, but even nicer to come home! (especially this time)

Monday, September 5, 2011

For the Burlap lover...

Burlap know who you are! If you consider yourself even somewhat in this class of people, you've probably seen this famous board somewhere in the last month!

It's from Ballard Design, and it's got everybody all up in a craze about replicating all kinds of ways! The biggest issue we all have with this "original" beauty is her heftly price tag of a whoppin $49-$89. I've splurged before on things that I reeeeally love, but this seemed way to simple to be that pricey! So, without further delay.....

I'd picked up the burlap bag for $1.50 at a local antique flea. (It was an old german coffee sack, cool huh?) The mod podge was from another project, and always a good thing to have on hand for misc. crafts. (Although it wasn't probably the best choice in glue for this project) I purchased a roll of cork board and a canvas board at the local craft store!

The Canvas board is definitely a more expensive way to mount the cork, but I got it 50% off and it achieved the desired look that I was going for more than just the foam board I've seen used on other blog tutorials. I used the mod podge to clue the cork to the canvas.

The burlap was then cut to size and folded over and under the wood frame of the canvas board!

I used a staple gun to secure the burlap, and let me tell you, I did not go conservative on the stapling! This baby isn't movin anywhere!

I bought several boxes of upholstery nails at Lowes for the finishing touch. I thought this was going to be the easy peasy, but it proved to be a little bit of a challenge to get them straight!

Thats where Hubby brilliantly suggested using a string! Place the 2 end nails in position and string a line between them. Hot pink thread was used for visibility! I then measured out the distance between each nail and placed them along the line!

Voila'! She now proudly hangs next to my desk/work area in the kitchen! I have 2 "splurged on" wire baskets with cute little labels due to arrive in 5-7 business days, to put my mail and magazines in beside her!

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