Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Bdr/Bath: Room Reveal III

I have to admit, I hit the skids and we've been doing a whole lot more "living" in our new space
than decorating! I kind of lost motivation and the little gaps of missing pieces don't seem to bother me anymore!
The beauty of it is, there is no rush and I prefer to take my time shopping and find that "just right" piece in those "unlikely" places anyway!
So, if we would ever be so privileged to have you as a guest in our home, this room is where you would be accommodated!

I really had no vision for the so called guest room, but rather started pulling in all those pieces that were previously in another room in the house that were no longer needed for that room! One of my favorite things to do a couple of times a year is to pull a bunch of small decorating pieces from several different rooms and re-distribute and re-purpose them all in different spots for a completely fresh new look!

So when it came to putting all my "orphaned" pieces of furniture, bedding and wall hangings in one room, I was ready for the challenge! ;) And it was a whole lot cheaper than buying new!

I did buy a couple of new pillows for the bed, and I'm still on the search for the perfect frame for my bird poster...but, for now, it works!!

Excuse the poor lighting of this photo, but I had to include my "used to be in the dining room" cabinet that now I use for display/storage of all my random knickknacks that are too cute to put in a box somewhere!

One item in the cabinet: my collection of Mistral soap! ;) Definitely worth displaying, rather than just throwing in the bottom of the bathroom drawer somewhere! Its always so hard to decide whether to use it and enjoy the lovely smell and feel of it, or just look at the beautifully wrapped bars!

Moving on down the hall now, you should know, that during your stay with us you will be sharing a bathroom with a three year old! If you forget your toothpaste? No worries, you'll find a fresh tube on the counter with Elmo to save the day!

Since this is the kids bathroom most days, but a guest bath some day...I tried to do a fun, casual feel, but with practicality and usability for both uses! The claw foot tub ended up exceeding expectations on both levels! Not only did it achieve the "old world" look I love, it is easy to bathe the kids in for leaning over the sides, and the extendable spray arm for rinsing heads! :)

Off of the toilet room (which I didn't not photograph, since we all know what they look like :) is the shower. I contorted myself as much as possible, but this is the best shot I could come up with without a wide angle lens! Hopefully you won't get dizzy during your shower, but if you get bored, you could always play checkers!


  1. Your guestroom looks great! The colors are so warm and welcoming! At our house, between guests, it becomes dumping grounds for all sorts of unfinished projects, piles of fabric, christmast gifts, goodwill stuff, etc. :) But it can quickly be picked up and look better than all the other rooms in our house. :)

    Love the two separate vanities in your bathroom as well!


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