Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A year ago today, we we're blessed with the new life of sweet baby C! What a joy he has brought to our family! He smiles so easily, and seems to be pretty easy going! Usually sleeps 10 hours a night, and eats like a grown man! Now before you think he's the perfect baby, I will add...he has spunk, and knows how to sass like the best of them! His way of making himself known when something crosses him sideways (usually his big brother), is to let out a big squeal! He adores his daddy, and will crawl at the speed of light down the entryway hall when he hears him come in from work! Being outside, riding on his push car, is how he'd spend every minute of the day if he could. He loves our dogs, and especially our cat! He started walking at 11 months, but still prefers the efficient speed of crawling!
I know the next year will have it's challenges as he learns and we continue to train him about the lessons of life, but I'm excited to see his little personally continue to develope as well!

Happy Birthday baby boy!

*stay tuned for party pictures*


  1. Awww happy birthday sweet Cohen! Does this mean we can't call him babyCohen anymore? :/ Miss you guys - it's been waaaaay too long friend!

  2. Happy Birthday to our dear we miss you, but pray your day was special!! May Jesus hold you close!! We love you!!
    your IN family...


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