Thursday, September 15, 2011

A sweet celebration.

First birthday parties, you either love them...or think they're ridiculous! Or both! The child is never going to remember the party, but maybe they're more for the parents anyway! That first year IS something to celebrate! So many firsts to celebrate, so much change to celebrate!

This little person goes from a wee little helpless newborn, to a toddler walking around pulling everything out of your cabinets and turning on tub faucets three steps up! Whose says that doesn't call for a celebration!

Although a year does seem to go by fast, thankfully the change between stages is somewhat gradual! I've always said, I don't know who learns more that first year, the baby or the parents! Maybe I'm just a slow learner, or maybe it just takes me awhile to catch on to things!

Anyway, we celebrated! To all that has changed, and to all that's to come! Birthday boy didn't act real excited about all the hoopla, nor was he very impressed with his cake! It wasn't very impressive, but I told him his mama lacks cake decoratin skills and he betta get impressed!

He had to be prompted a little when show time came! Of all the things, when he's actually allowed to stick his hands in something! He never needs prompting to swish his hands around in the toilet bowl when he's lucky to find the seat left up!

Somehow he managed though! He only ate a few tiny bites, but the icing proved to be fun to play in!

And for a quick word on the gifts...lets just say they we're unwrapped in a furry and attempted to walk away before birthday boy even set eyes on them! It's tough being 1, when you've got an older brother and cousin! He didn't seem to mind...but watch out next year boys!!

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