Monday, September 12, 2011

The way it goes.

The weekend started out with anticipation and excitement, and ended prematurely and with disappointment! That's the way it goes though, sometimes!

You plan the fun a couple of months in advance, but when the ole' rascal virus decides to strike...he is neither considerate of person nor place!

We headed up the mountain with the whole Frantz clan to enjoy creation as it fades from summer to fall! We did enjoy a few hours, and it wasn't creation that let us down!

This guy decided to pack along a bug, and it wasn't the kind with four, six, or eight legs! This picture was taken in the first few shining hours of the trip! ;)

Memories we're made though...especially for big brother! Reading stories for as long as he'd sit, and hot chocolate for breakfast, are only served up by none other than Grandpa & Grandma!

It stormed a bit, and rained a little, but when the sun came out to shine we spent some time enjoying the fun of a mountain stream!

Not sure who was more excited, the fisherman or spectator! (he's clapping, if you we're wondering :)

A tradition passed down from daddy, who used to spend his childhood camping days sailing boats down this same creek!

What better way to teach these little ones about our marvalous God, than to be able to point to His spectacular creation and stand looking in awe together!

There was not much marvaling going on by little brother, during this whole creek side expedition. The advil kept the fever at bay, but not the grumps!

My camera didn't seem to make it's way out of the bag during our few hours of cabin lounging and game playing, but I did have Mr. Grumps to contend with, so pardon the lack of photos!

We called it quits a day shorter than the rest of the family, but our beds felt pretty good after not sleeping much the night before! C seemed to cheer up a little at the sight of his crib too! We we're even more relieved to be home after G came down with a fever as well on Sunday afternoon!

And as the saying goes....It's nice to go, but even nicer to come home! (especially this time)

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