Friday, October 14, 2011

In a nutshell.

These are the days. Or so we're told, by grandparents and parents of older children! Some days I try to stop amid the chaos and take in the moment, reminding myself of that very cliche saying! Since purchasing our SLR camera, I also try to make a point to capture it so that we too, can someday look back and say...Those we're the days! ;)

This past week, after being given some pointers & a challenge from a photographer friend...I did some extra shooting and here is some of those "moments" of this week!

We we're served up "hot tea" made from two business cards taped together, and served up in a Tupperware cup!

Tea boy turns out to be a mad delivery boy as well! He may be more accepted in other countries where cargo stowed on top of vehicles is much more commonly practiced!

Endless hours of swinging. It never gets old. At least for this young thrill seeker! In moms world, it may be the best medicine to a teething toddler!

Bringing back the fun of constructs! If you we're born pre-1985 you may have played with these "in your day". Worth every dime off eBay, and good for a great imagination!

Just a few of the many messes we clean up on a daily basis! I've declared my house only gets cleaned from the floor & 3 ft up, because when I'm on my hands and knees cleaning the floor...I take notice of the surrounding surfaces, and that's as far as I get!

Oh FALL, how I love thee...let me count the ways!

I've got a lot to learn in photographing sunsets, but this poor attempt at least captures the magnificent color of the sky! How awesome is our GOD?

And that my dears, is our week in a nutshell!

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