Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Athletes for Adoption

Along with everyone else, this week has me feeling the heat, as the holiday season is now directly upon us and the "un-finished" list is being added to, instead of crossed off! As I sit down to write this, I keep thinking I need to be doing those things on that list instead of blogging, but for this "cause" I will take the time!

So, as the peeps sleep, I will quickly add a few comments to the pictures that I took during last weekends events! We had the opportunity to support a wonderful ministry for a tremendous cause!
Athletes for Adoption is a fundraiser that takes place at the Big Sur half marathon in Monterey, CA. These runners raised money & ran the 13k as a way to speak out about adoption and help bring orphans together with their forever families!

Fitting that the month of November is actually national adoption awareness month! The statistics are staggering and beyond heart wrenching, so for the outreach that these organizations have done we know many have been blessed!

We eagerly awaited them at the finish line to encourage & cheer on their efforts!

Other "spectators" that we had the blessing of enjoying their company for the weekend!

One of the sweet families that participated in the run. Even the kids did a 3K & 5K the day before!

The weekend was also filled with making memories with wonderful friends!

The kids enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather on Saturday afternoon! As if running a couple of miles that morning wasn't enough to wear out their energy! ;) G thought playing with the big boys was pretty neat!

Before I publish this, I want to add a paragraph about 3 beautiful children that God used to help soften our hearts towards adoption. These dear children, we have the privilege of calling our nephews and niece!

The first was brought together with his family 3 years ago, and the sweet girl and baby boy hopefully sometime in the coming new year! They are as precious as the rest of the family is to us, and we continue to pray for each of them as they continue on their journey! Follow along here! How grateful we are that these children will soon be blessed with the love of their forever family and to be taught the marvelous grace of Jesus!

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  1. What a joy this post was to read. I have a niece and nephew who are adopted and they are such a blessing. Have a wonderful week!


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