Wednesday, November 9, 2011

giving credit

So you may, or may not have noticed the updated photos to the right on my blog. Either way, I'm dedicating this post to the talented photographer of these beautiful photos and giving her the much deserved credit!

We've worked together a little in the past, and she has a natural talent and a way with kids that makes for some great photos that we will treasure for years to come!

When I presented to her the oppertunity to capture a couple of hours of our little family at the Mission in Carmel, I knew she would not let me down! :) We had a beautiful afternoon, and the boys both did terrific! Everyone knows how hair-pulling these settings can be when your trying to get little ones to cooperate! We appreciated how relaxed both her and her husband were, and how sometimes the best pictures aren't always the ones where everyones perfect!

It's about capturing these precious moments in life, and the individual personalities of each child, even if it is a wrinkled up nose or pout! :)



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