Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seeing the Cross

There is much for us to learn from the simplicity of a childs faith, and as a mother watching that faith develop is a heart-string tugging experience! This week found me soul searching, on several occasions as I answered the sweetest, most innocent questions from our three year old, that I pray are just the beginning of discovering the magnificent grace of Jesus!

As we sat and read from one of his bible story books one day this week, he became riveted to the picture of Jesus hanging on the cross. The questions came one after another about everything from the angry looking clouds that were painted across the sky, to why the soldiers below Jesus were carrying swords on their sides. He pondered how the nails in his hands and feet must have been so ouchy, and if He was scared when they put him in the dark tomb! The realization of how fascinated he was with all this became apparent when every time he saw anything bi-secting lines he ask me if it was a cross. Driving down the road he discovered telephone poles, and the grout lines in our tile we're "hole buncha crosses"! His constant search for crosses spoke to me in so many way.
Looking for the Cross in everything we do, is a conscious effort to continually be reminded of what Christ did for us!

Later this week our conversation was about sin, and here's how the dialogue went:

G: What do our sins do?
M: Do you mean what are sins?

G: Yeah, what ARE sins?
M:"Sins" is another word for when we do things like disobey or say things that are unkind and hurtful to other people

G: Hmm...I don't like sins
M: Jesus doesn't like our sins either

G: Jesus doesn't love my sins? (with raised eyebrows)
M: Jesus loves YOU, but He is sad when we choose to sin. He forgives us when we say we're sorry though. Remember Jesus died on the cross for our sins because He loves us VERY much!

G: Jesus is a cool guy!
M: {stifled laughter}

The simplicity of knowing that God loves us and provides forgiveness of our sins is the blessing of a child-like faith!

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  1. MEL!! I love this! I so love to hear children talk about Jesus and ask questions about it. I just want to show them LOVE like Jesus would show them. Thankyou for the reminder to look for the cross daily :)
    love you ~


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