Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the quiet miles

It's been awhile, I know...Thanksgiving came and went without so much as a squeak from me, but blogging hit the back burner when the calendar turned to November. Looks like December isn't going to be much different!

It's only the 7th, but it's actually been a relatively "not-as-stressful" month, mostly due to the convenience of online shopping. :)

And partly to a quick weekend trip with just my Hubby. We decided kind of last minute to attend a wedding we were invited to in Pasco, WA. Although, we weren't sure how it was going to fit in the schedule since we leave for OH on the 16th.

After working out a way to leave the peeps at home, we decided we didn't want to miss out! I'm not one for long drives, but it seemed feasible, and I imagined the"quality time" would be well worth it!

Turns out we didn't have so much to talk about, but found ourselves just enjoying the quiet! ;) I'll admit, I got a little fidgety the last couple of hours, but I did enjoy the beautiful scenery!

We didn't stop much, except to fuel up and the occasional Starbucks (both equally essential for road-trips.) Only, the grande latte just seemed to make me more fidgety!

Needless to say, It was worth it! We were privileged to watch this sweet couple walk down the isle as the newest Mr. & Mrs. and enjoyed a wonderful evening catching up with some old friends!
The little time we had the day before the wedding we spent with this stunning couple! Our time was short, but our laughter was not!

You must know though, that this beauty & I rode the same bus together way back in elementary school. She also had the disadvantage of being my next door neighbor! We survived the side pony & high-top years together!

All too soon we found ourselves climbing back in the car for the return trip home! The stops were shorter and fewer than the ride up, but we were done with the quiet! The chaos and crazy was beckoning! :) We'll see how stress-free the rest of the month goes!

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  1. It truly is always a treat to spend time with those who brighten your day. My dear cousin will be here next week and I just can't wait! Have a wonderful week.


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