Monday, January 9, 2012

busy little hands

Our internet has been rebelling for the last week, and refuses to stay connected for more than 10 mins. at a time. This is a bit of an imposition to my blogging, but here is a quick attempt to show it that I'm not easily deterred!

It's been pretty laid back around here since we've returned home. The weather has been delightfully sunny and un-usually dry for January, but for all that it concerns two little boys in this house..theres nothing to complain about. It's hard to say no to a little sleeper-footed, blonde bed head who eagerly drags his boots out of the closet at 8:00 in the a.m. because the sunshine is beckoning!

The air might feel warm for a few hours of the day, but it's still winter and there are still more "inside" hours than "outside"! If your a mother of pre-schoolers, this is your official invitation to send me any and all ideas that you have to keep these little hands busy & to pass the "inside" hours in a peacable fashion.

When things really get desperate, I have been known to frantically search Pinterest for ideas! I came across this one a few weeks back and pulled it out one evening while tring to get some cooking done without the "help" of my sous-chef.

The items were quick things that I had on hand. Shaving cream, food coloring, & paint brush. Does it get much better than that? I used an egg carton, that I knew I had been saving for some thrifty craft someday, to mix a variety of colors in.

Another must have that I keep on hand is a roll of brown kraft paper that I whip out to attempt to contain the mess at least a little. A small foam paint brush was a fun tool to apply the "paint" with as well.

The project was a hit, and occupied him for a couple of hours! And, I used mens shaving cream so the kitchen had a nice aroma while he happily painted! :) And AND, I would count this one as a pretty thrifty way to mix up some paint!

I'll be waiting for your clever ideas.


  1. Shaving cream is a GREAT plaything:) It pretty much just disolves and disappears eventually so it doens't matter if it gets all over them!

  2. Love this idea & although we have had a relative "warm" winter {I am NOT complaining :)} usually by this time me & the littles are ready for new ideas! I ran across an idea I have yet to try but think Tell would love it- using blue painters tape to make roads on our floors {it peels up w/out leaving a residue!}!Here is the link!


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