Monday, January 2, 2012

full hearts and full arms

First off, Happy New Year to you all! As I sit here in the quiet of the afternoon, my heart so full of all the blessings of the last several weeks, I hardly know where to start to journal about the memories! For one, it's been so long and for two, we crossed many mile and celebrated two holidays! I've added just a few pictures, mostly of the children enjoying their time with the many cousins. This morning I found myself awake earlier than usual, due mostly to our recent travel across three time zones, but also in hopes of getting my resolution off to a good start! :) Ironically Proverbs 31 was my devotion and I was only reaffirmed that "rising while it was yet night" was indeed a good idea! While trying to study about this excellent wife, I was having a hard time concentrating as my thoughts kept pondering this New Year and all that 2011 beheld!

(We drove the short 2 1/2 hours and crossed the Indiana state line to spend a short, but sweet time with more cousins! )

I kept getting a mental picture of our 3 year old, as he is often seen, with his arms just filled with all his favorite belongings! He can hardly carry them all there is so much stuffed in his little arms! He will go about his day with them, setting them down to do various things, but usually picking them all up again before he leaves the room!

(A rambunctious group! this was one shot of about 20. the more I took, the goofier they got)

I think of all that I've learned and loved and possessed through 2011 and I feel as though my arms are just filled to the point of barely being able to see over the top of them! How can I ever remember all that I've been blessed with and give thanks for it?

("three's a crowd" didn't seem to apply to this little trio)

Gods greatness and mercy alone in 2011 is enough to filled an entire armload! The memories of loving two precious little souls are carefully stuck in and around the lessons learned from day to day living! The blessings I've received from being a wife and mother are piled on top of everything and held there tightly by my grasping fingers!
(these two poured yards and yards of concrete every chance they could get!)

Back to my little "hoarder" as we call him sometimes... a little experience he had in OH has changed his habits a little and can bring about a different meaning for my mental picture as well. Early one morning he was making his way down grandmas steep stairs with his collection of "valuables" clutch tightly with both arms.

Somehow he lost foot between steps and with no hands left free to grasp the nearby railing he tumbled down several and ended in a heap at the bottom among his scattered pile of treasures! He cried, not for his wounds, but for the disarray of the things he'd put value on!

We've all been there at the bottom of the steps before. We put value on "things" in life that we don't want to loose so we try to just "carry" it tight in our arms along with us. It might be the people we love, or the simple things that make our lives more comfortable. Maybe its not even the tangible things of life, but the hopes and dreams deep within our hearts. We start adding to our armloads and pretty soon it impairs our ability to see around us.

(some fun things to go in the empty spaces of our house:)

Life isn't a smooth roadway, and we're bound to stumble or miss a step at some point. Without a free hand to reach out and grab on to the Stability of Christ, we find ourselves aching from not only the hurt of the fall, but the disarray or even loss of the very things we didn't want to let go of!

(everybody loves grandpa)

I can't help but to keep going back to the verse that reads "Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal." "For wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be." Matt 6:20-21

That's what I desire for 2012. To store up treasures in heaven and leave my arms open for loving those around me and to reach out and take hold of the only Security that will be stable enough to grab hold of when I stumble!

Blessings to each of you in this New Year!!

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