Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On a roost

As I watched this creature out my laundry room window the other day, I felt as though he oddly summed up the nature of our January. Like we've settled in on our roost for the winter, in a crock-pot meals & pajamas-all-day kind of way! Only moving when necessary and keeping one eye open for safety's sake.

Most creatures, human or animal, usually have a tendency to do this when the temperatures drop! (I know, you mid-westerners are smirking now imagining our dropping temperatures in CA.) There is something about the warmness of a cozy home, when the outside elements are cold and dreary, that I find myself slowing down and instinctively gather in the peeps like a mother hen! Making soup everyday for lunch seems like an okay thing to do, and the lack of productive activity is somewhat fine by me!

So, yeah, maybe the fact that the dreaded winter viruses are also a major factor in the day in and day out stretches of staying home and unproductive activity...but If I can keep my head above water, there is some positive to be found! :) Like finding time to read a couple books that I've been wanting to read for awhile or having the luxury of drinking a cup of coffee at 3 o'clock in the afternoon! The dirty windows don't bother me, and the yard work is basically non-existent!

Keeping my head above water though, sometimes takes every ounce of strength I have. When my sous-chef decides to "sell & transport" the ingredients he grates to "off-site" buyers, I have to consciously take a deep breath and smile or I start taking on water instead!

I pray for eternal perspectives daily. I want to foster this spirit of helpfulness while I have the opportunity, but I confess I haven't found it to come very natural for me! I can tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, and finding zucchini stuck to the insides of my cabinet doors a week later does momentarily make me want to resume my kitchen duties in a solo manner. To some of you, I know this is not a challenge. For me, I'm always challenged when it comes to food, or the residue thereof being smeared or crusted to the surfaces of my kitchen (or any other room of the house for that fact). Dirt, I've some what come to terms with...food, it gets me everytime!

So tomorrow is Febuary, and I'm feeling like it's time to get up off my roost and take flight. One of the biggest perks of living in the West is that Febuary can have an air of spring to it, and perk my motivation like only the spring sun can!

The moment I pick up my wings, I know the peeps will scatter every which way, but thats okay! They're tired of the viruses and the confines of home too! They have all kinds of boyish curiousity and creativity that needs to be released to more suitable enviornments than my kitchen! :)
So I will leave you with that and this hen is going to dig up some magazines or fabric or window cleaner...I have high hopes for tomorrow!

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  1. Well Hooray! Now that you're done roosting, fly over here with your boys and bring them to play with my girls - while we sit and have real conversation! We'll try to dig out a tractor or two :)


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