Saturday, March 31, 2012

Calling all Craigs-listers...

As the saying goes, "one mans junk, is another mans treasure"...and there is no better place to make that a true statement than a garage sale! And the only other thing better than a garage sale, is a bigger garage sale! And you don't get any better than the biggest garage sale of the U.S or otherwise known as Craigslist!! Hubby & I have bought and sold multiple things over the last several years, and have become self proclaimed, seasoned craigslist "junkies"! My most recent purchase has been the most exciting to date, and I decided to share it with you ,my faithful followers in hopes that you will be inspired in some way or another to join in the treasure hunt!

I've been in the market for a dining hutch for several years now, but I couldn't ever seem to commit to any for some reason or another. I love the idea behind re purposed furniture, but also know the work that goes into restoring these gems sometimes. When this lovely little thing popped up, I didn't even hesitate! The price was right, and the work to bring about new life in her seemed worth it!

Here she sits BEFORE:

And after much more sanding, and stripping and filling, and priming, and more sanding and painting....

She proudly sits AFTER:

The pictures somehow don't do her justice, but look real hard! ;) We took her from a very old yellowed-white color to a lovely shade of light grey, with a dark wood-stained top on the buffet part.

Her shelves and drawers were covered in what I'm going to guess as a 70's-ish wall paper, that my "loving craigslist partner" spend many hours tearing off inch by inch! We gave them all a nice bright white coat of paint and couldn't believe the transformation!

AFTER:We removed all the hardware during the preparation stage, and I initially thought I was going to replace them all. The hinges were a little rusted and covered in paint by a previous owner that apparently thought removing them was a waste of time! After a google search, I put them in boiling water and the paint came right off with a little scraping. A little steel wool & they looked marvelous! I found the aged brass pulls very complimenting after we painted the hutch grey, so they too went back on!


We moved her into her new home, and I wasn't left disappointed! She still needs a bit of styling, and decor in and around her, but she gets the job done beautifully! :)

If haven't convinced you's a quick run down of a few more Craigslist finds that might get your mind going!

A set of full sized lockers that we had a local weld shop cut down to 1/2, and we finished it off with a weathered board to serve as a nightstand/bookshelf for the boys' bedroom!

European wrought iron that I bought sight on scene, with no idea what I was going to do with it...but way to cute to pass on! For now, it serves as a headboard in the guest room! (Fun+cheap)

I love to collect old stoneware crocks, and this one popped up less than 10 miles away! I actually watched the listing sit for over 2 weeks before I called about it, and luckily it was not snatched up by some other collector!

And, lastly here my sweet niece & nephew are enjoying a ride in a double stroller I was able to grab for a great deal! It was basically brand new, and I paid WELL under "new" prices! It has been a great investment, and when I'm through using can guess where I will more than likely sell it! :)

Happy shopping! I'd love to know what great finds you all come up with!

Friday, March 23, 2012

a Time for family


As children, we can't comprehend or fully realize the meaning of a grandmother's love. How wise she is, how much patience she has, or how much guidance she gives us by her example and by her helpful caring ways. Years go by before we know and understand the depth of her concern and the love in her protectiveness. But as we mature we do finally understand and we can look back and see through older eyes and wiser hearts her unconditional love, devotion, and family loyalty. It's these and many other things that make us realize how lucky we have been and how lucky we are to have this amazing woman - our grandmother - as the centered root of strength and love in our life. {auther:Karen Mortensen }

You will be missed.

I've sat down to write this three times now, and it's taken me two weeks to find the motivation! One of lifes inevitable moments came suddenly into being and seemed to turn my plans for March into a disarray!
In January, I found myself gathered around with some cousins for lunch as we excitedly planned a splendid weekend of celebration and uniting of families across the U.S in honor of my grandmothers 90th birthday! In the next few weeks, reservations were made, food was planned, airline tickets were bought...and the anticipation grew!

Then on February 14th the guest of honor for this awaited celebration was diagnosed with cancer.

Suddenly we found ourselves making memories within the quiet moments beside her hospital bed, and all other plans or schedules seemed to fade into the fog of unimportance. We took only one day at a time, and watched each day take its claim to the frailty of her life.

Family members who had already purchased airline tickets, finding it costly & difficult to change their reservations, wondered what awaited them upon arriving in CA.

They didn't have to wonder or wait long. Within two weeks from the day of her diagnosis, Grandma was called home to be with her loving Savior, Jesus!!

God's timing in all of this causes us to stand in awe! For the very day we had planned to be together for her birthday, March 8th 2012, was the day we were all together for her funeral! We are a rather large family, and 80 of us we're able to be there that day! The celebration was just a little different than we had planned! :)

We were still able to enjoy a few days after the funeral with my immediate family at the coast. It was a lovely way to spend some quality time and make some fun memories!

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