Monday, May 14, 2012

Time away & buying Time

Last weekend was one of those "much anticipated" weekends that you count down the days to, and can hardly wait to bask in it's loveliness. I have to be honest and say it wasn't because it was Mothers Day either. I appreciate the sentiment of such a sweet holiday, and I've found it to be a wonderful opportunity to express my gratitude to my own blessing of a mother...but, I expect it to be a few years yet until my own children can grasp the concept of the holiday. When that time comes...then I'll be waiting for the hand picked flowers & breakfast in bed! :)

For the now, we didn't feel the least bit guilty leaving them behind for the night while we attended a wedding in the Yosemite Valley! The weather was perfect and the setting was something you imagine delicately painted by the master skills of an acclaimed artist!

When you stand outside the Chapel and gaze at the awesome surroundings, it doesn't take long to realize that only one Master Artist can possibly take credit for such magnificent beauty! 

 We discussed how much we take for granted the fact that this amazing park is only an hour and a half from us...and this is only the second time we've been here in the history of our life together. (which is almost 12 years if you count our dating years :)

Which I might mention, we we're also conveniently celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary as well! It's still technically 2 weeks away, but we agreed this was a perfect place to celebrate!

In one sense time "away" always goes so quickly, yet it's strange to not be constantly thinking about meal time, or nap time or somebody else's needs or in another sense it can feel like we're gone for a  long while! Being able to get away and re-connect is always so rewarding on so many levels. It always leaves me refreshed and renewed in mind, body & spirit!

Just for fun, here is a few pictures during last week. I actually took the time to get the camera out, so I might as well share them! :)

I had a goal to sew a new dress for our upcoming weekend. It had been so long I wasn't sure if I remembered how to do it. Actually, I was quickly reminded WHY it had been so long...after an hour or longer of just getting the pattern pieces arranged & pinned....this is how the "cutting out" process went:

Cut out top collar....go settle a dispute over a truck....cut out bottom collar...change a messy diaper...cut out half of one bodice piece...dislodge a tractor tire out from the tractor cab...cut out other half of bodice...make lunch...clean up lunch....change out book to sleepy toddler...oh, that's right I was cutting out a dress...
So in attempt to buy myself some time, I quickly mixed up a fresh batch of play dough, got out ALL my cookie cutters & rolling pins and handed the kitchen over to the two of them!

Worked like a charm! Got the whole rest of the dress cut out before naps...and started in on the sewing during naps! Still took me all week, but I got it done! :) Yep, I'm wearing it in one of the above pictures! Yep, I'm good for at least another year now!

Hope you all had a beautiful & blessed Mothers day!

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