Monday, June 18, 2012

This daddy.

I may be a day late, but there is a daddy in this house that deserves a post in honor of "fathers day"! :) As I'm searching through my archives for a picture, I somehow couldn't come up with a recent one of him with both boys where all three we're looking at the camera! That's just the reality of it though, at least one of the three are goofing off!

One of the greatest things that this daddy contributes is his sense of humor! Our lives would be a lot more tense around here if it weren't for his lightheartedness and teasing ways! Life would be pretty boring as well, if  we didn't constantly have to keep a wary eye out for a dirty, rolled up sock being launched across the room at us like a missile on mark for its target! This keeps us laughing.

He's a communicator, and has way of making small talk with even the littlest inhabitants of the household! Achievements don't go unnoticed, and deeds don't go unacknowledged! Discussions are thorough whether the matter is deep or simple. This keeps us connected.

He's helpful, and is ready to pitch in when someone needs a hand! He's not afraid to change a dirty diaper or carry in groceries, sometimes unasked! :) He's not above putting together Lego trains or model airplanes. This keeps us compassionate.

I know, he sounds dreamy....but he's human! :) He gets discouraged, disappointed, and overwhelmed just like the rest of them! But he doesn't dwell there, and has allowed God to step in and do a wondrous work in him that these two little boys can be so blessed to call him their "daddy"!

{...and this one happened to get lucky enough to look just like him!! :)}

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Le Bebe shower

There are a few times in your life that you feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude by the generosity of others, and a shower given in the behalf of your sweet little baby is one of them! What a wonderful way to celebrate together, the joy & anticipation of a new birth!

I had the privilege of photographing a celebration of this kind for a friend, and I loved every minute of it! For one, she is a women of beauty & grace even being "great with child"! :) And for two, the shower theme included vintage + rustic + bird type decor that made me swoon swoon swoon!

So much thought and creativity went into the details by these lovely hostess, and made the whole evening a treat for all of us! For what I know of the "mommy-to-be" this style reflects some of her own creativity as well!

One word described the food = delectable! My photography doesn't do it justice, but those bread sticks literally melted in your mouth. I have a bit of a weakness for herbed bread, but even butta' my friends!

Who doesn't want to be served refreshing beverages off of a darling antique dresser!? 

And if that doesn't convince you of the thoughtful details, here's one we can all swoon together! So simple yet sweet! I might add that the venue for this shower was in the beautiful yard of one of the hostess'. Decor aside, the landscape no doubt set the backdrop!

So here's to beautiful summer yard showers + buttery herbed bread sticks! Cheers!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reaping & Blessings

We eagerly started out our week reaping from that which we had sown earlier this spring! That first batch of fresh green beans cooked up to perfection is a bit of a gastronomical phenomenon in my book! My mouth waters for it even as I'm poking seeds in the warm earth in early spring! 

I fought a vicious battle with the snails & earwigs this year as the fresh new leaves sprouted out of the ground! They took down multiple plants in one night, so I went to war with the Seven. I'm an organic gardener by the way...that's how bad I wanted to win!

My "gardener in training" is always faithfully by my side watching, helping and learning all the right ways ( and wrong :) to do everything! Since the previously mentioned "garden war", now anytime he sees something even slightly move or resemble a bug...he runs to grab the spray bottle! This years crop may not be so organic!

I wish I could record our conversations or more so the "chatter" that goes on during our time gardening together. There's always the endless questions, but it's the enthusiasm and excitement that's so entertaining!
One particular conversation was on blessings, and how God gives us blessings even in green beans!

I knew the lesson has stuck when he prayed that evening before dinner..."thanks for our food, and bless the green beans." I knew what he meant, and I think the Father did too! :) 

His prayers are something I should record too, as they are hard to keep from snickering through! I love the pure innocence in his thoughts & requests. Most of the time he gets his words all mixed up, and he repeats himself multiple times in one prayer! 

I've wondered if I shouldn't be the one to take a lesson from him in prayer, as sometimes I forget that God loves our simple requests, and we don't even have to have the right words for Him to know what we're asking for! The other night, this is what I heard in prayer that I love the most...

"thank you for people, that think about other people"

I think what he was saying was, "help us to think more about other people", but either was beautiful! 

Friday, June 1, 2012


We "blasted" off the birthday with some wonderful friends, and had a spectacular evening! The guest were all well aware of the birthday boys fascination with space, rockets and especially shuttles, but if you didn't wouldn't have taken you long to figure it out! 

Months ago, he saw a space exhibit in a museum, and a spark in his curiosity was ignited! Little did we know the spark would turn into a full on wildfire! :) He was given a little toy space shuttle by some friends, and he carries it with him everywhere during the day, and parks it right beside him on the nightstand every night!

He wants to know everything about them there is to know! He will sit and watch a documentary on the history of them for hours if he has the opportunity, and picks up the lingo like a true astronaut! Our conversations over mealtimes have turned to topics that include.."booster rockets, lunar modules, main engines, and liftoffs"...just to name a few!

And then there are the questions! Oh so many questions! I had no idea I would be required a degree in "rocket science" to keep up with my four year old :) It's amazing how little I remember about what I learned in grade school on space, but I've got it all down pat now!

I haven't the heart to tell my little astronaut that the US space program is no longer active, for fear he might call up the president himself and demand questions of "why not"! He somehow knows he's too little to go to space now, because he informed me when he's "big like daddy", then he'll go! I'll let him take it up with NASA then.

So we partied with rockets, and planets, and stars...and he was given more space loot and books and toys...but "best of all" (as he would put it), he was blessed with another birthday by the amazing Creator of all the wonders of space! If nothing else, in all this hoopla, he's learning how big his God is!

With that I'll leave you to go watch the next lift-off! I'm in charge of guarding the launch-pad so little brother doesn't malfunction the whole process! Apparently all he's good for is "sound effects"!

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