Monday, June 18, 2012

This daddy.

I may be a day late, but there is a daddy in this house that deserves a post in honor of "fathers day"! :) As I'm searching through my archives for a picture, I somehow couldn't come up with a recent one of him with both boys where all three we're looking at the camera! That's just the reality of it though, at least one of the three are goofing off!

One of the greatest things that this daddy contributes is his sense of humor! Our lives would be a lot more tense around here if it weren't for his lightheartedness and teasing ways! Life would be pretty boring as well, if  we didn't constantly have to keep a wary eye out for a dirty, rolled up sock being launched across the room at us like a missile on mark for its target! This keeps us laughing.

He's a communicator, and has way of making small talk with even the littlest inhabitants of the household! Achievements don't go unnoticed, and deeds don't go unacknowledged! Discussions are thorough whether the matter is deep or simple. This keeps us connected.

He's helpful, and is ready to pitch in when someone needs a hand! He's not afraid to change a dirty diaper or carry in groceries, sometimes unasked! :) He's not above putting together Lego trains or model airplanes. This keeps us compassionate.

I know, he sounds dreamy....but he's human! :) He gets discouraged, disappointed, and overwhelmed just like the rest of them! But he doesn't dwell there, and has allowed God to step in and do a wondrous work in him that these two little boys can be so blessed to call him their "daddy"!

{...and this one happened to get lucky enough to look just like him!! :)}

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