Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boot camp and house broken

I just plopped down in my desk chair to blog a bit while the bathroom marinades in disinfectant. I'm certain if I don't write about this week, at present, I will soon shift it to a part of my mind that I call the "selective" memory storage. Actually, it's not a necessarily a voluntary seems everything goes there by default these days anyway!

It's boot camp around here! The kind that I always kind of dread, but am so relieved when we push through. There is a hundred different theories and tactics out there on how & when is the best way to enter into this "refining" process! The When for me is no magic age, but more so whenever I get plain fed up with the horribly foul diapers! The How is based on the "train in a day method", but realistically more like a week!

I blocked this week out on my calendar, and Monday we started in! 2 things I found very necessary to make it a success are: Making sure it's One on One training session (older siblings not around to distract) and The Diapers must GO! (only for nighttime, but hopefully only temporarily)

That's probably why I dread it so much, because it's a huge commitment, and even bigger MESS...but as I stated before, when we push through, its so worth it!

So to sum the week up in a short paragraph, I will just say, it's like a continuous roller coaster ride of emotions. One minute I'm clapping and dancing exuberant with the progress, the next minute I'm mopping up a mess frustrated with lack of progress.

 Day 1, was spent training the bare basics. We spent all day at the kitchen table, 6 feet from the toilet, playing playdough, cars, blocks, books & coloring. The goal was to simply learn the sensation of the "urge" & associate it with getting to the toilet as soon as possible. By mid afternoon, he was doing great and even told me twice he had to go "bobby". (his word for potty :) I was thinking we'd already had a breakthrough and this wasn't going to be as bad as I thought!

Day 2, we we're moving along great, and even got a "bonus" in the bowl before 9:00! Then some time around mid morning, it dawned on him this wasn't just all for fun & games. This was something that was expected of him and now a mandatory part of his life! He hit the skids and called off the whole operation. Except, he forgot to take a poll of all the other occupants of the house and he was outvoted. So we spent the rest of the day in a very heated power play, and the war wasn't over just "bobby" anymore!

Day 3, He decided the war wasn't worth it and today came the real breakthrough! He was sitting on the counter helping me bake muffins and he told me he wanted down. Suspecting he might be needing to go potty, I watched to see where he went. (on Day 2, he routinely would run and hide in closet/pantry/or other small dark room, and try to go in there!) He trotted straight for the bathroom, I heard his seat lid flip up and the sweet sound of a trickle in the plastic bowl! Throughout the morning he did this 4 more times before his nap! I wanted to climb on my roof & sing Hallelujah at the top of my lungs! This does not mean the training is over...but it's a major move in the right direction.

Day 4, this morning was much more relaxed. We even ventured out to the library, and back with no accidents! For the most part we just re-enforce everything we've learned all week, but we're not out of the woods with the messes yet. I know we still have lots of work to do...and eventually I have to leave my house for more than an hour! We'll see how our first trip to Target or Church won't catch me without a change of clothes, I know that for a fact! :) 

Here's a couple links that I found helpful.

These Are the Days: Potty Training in a Day,

Baby Center: Parents guide to Potty Training.


  1. Oh least you don't have much carpet - makes for easier cleaning! Way to go Cohen... Mama just keep your eye on the prize -no more diapers!

  2. Oh...I am totally dreading potty training! Good for you for sticking with it. :)

  3. Oh, my! lol. What a great read. Bless you. :)

  4. This post brought back such memories for me. My children had such different experiences. Dear daughter was taught in a day at the age of 2. Sweet son took much, much longer. Patience is a virtue. :) Have a wonderful week dear friend.


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