Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soul searching

I've come to a conclusion! If you've secretly been wanting to dig within yourself and see what your really made of...folks, I'm here to tell you there's just one way to find out!

Go camping.

Or maybe I should re-phrase that. 
Spend all week packing, drive 2 hours to the mountains to send your kids out to live in the dirt for 3 days, and sleep on army cots intended for people without feelings in their muscles! And just to be a little more dramatic, there's always the possibility of coming face to face with a bear during your stay!  

Actually, the reality of it is...those we're just all the bad parts...the rest of the time we rather enjoyed ourselves. The mountain air is hard to beat & we did get to spend some time with our feet kicked up in a camp chair while taking in the beauty around us!

Yeah, the dirt was impossible to avoid...but even that didn't really bother me that much! You would think there couldn't be much else that would make a little boy happier, but after day 1, baby blue eyes decided he was done and spent the rest of his time waffling between clingy & irritable! 

The rest of the kids seemed to be enjoying every minute! There was something for everyone! If you weren't into playing in the dirty creek, there was arts & crafts. If you were more the adventure type, they had a scavenger hunt. If you really wanted some excitement, there was volleyball for those who dared...but it wasn't pretty! Speaking from experience, there was a lot of rust to be knocked loose before it got good!

We ended our days with s'mores around the campfire, and hot chocolate & popcorn to top it off! Exhaustion would soon take over, and we'd hear our unforgiving cots calling our names. We'd wipe off enough dirt to get on our pj's and let sleep take over. Except that it didn't. At least for some of us. So we'd lay there and feel the temperatures dropping & listen to the forest noises, while silently pleading with the spiders to stay in their well-spun webs in the corners of the cabin rather than venture out to crawl on me our my babies. 

Eventually morning would come. The sun would peak up over the mountains and the slightest rays of light would shine in through our little window, and I'd be ready to meet the day! Simply because it seemed like a better alternative to the sleepless, cot cramping, spider pleading night! 

As I stepped out into the crisp morning air, hand in hand with the only other awake occupant of our cabin, to make the trek up to the bathroom...he said..."MOM!! Isn't this SOOO exciting!!!".

This is where the digging comes in. I rubbed the grit from my sleep deprived eyes, gazed out over the mountains and sighed...."YES, my dear...It doesn't get much better than this!"


  1. And THANK YOU for all the work you {and the rest of the Camp Committee} put into making the weekend a fun one! We appreciated it!

  2. How fun! ;) Count yourself lucky (spiders and all). How I would dearly love to see that place again. Tonya and I were just reminiscing last night. :)

  3. oh how time changes things at Peaceful Pines, eh? Your experience sounded like I imagine my experience would be ;) can't wait to see you guys soon!

  4. SO much fun to look at your family camp pics! We would love to find ourselves there with you all one of these days :)


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