Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A thrill and a parade.

I have yet to do much blogging on food related topics, but I couldn't help myself today! This delicious arrangement of the seasons finest + some, was the thrill of my day thus far. I know, it's crazy getting thrills from food, but I'm willing to settle for that! To be a little more clear, it was actually a reward, but I must explain....

After avoiding the grocery & Costco all week last week because of the holiday, I decided this morning was the end of our consecutive running days of peanut butter and jelly, and the time had come to re-stock the fridge! I used to enjoy grocery shopping, but now it's a race to see how fast I can get it done before one of the three of us has a melt down. Yes, I included myself in that category. And that's where the reward system came about!

Just make it through the cart maneuvering, product comparing, toddler entertaining, unloading & putting away process...and then I put the boys down for naps while I enjoy my "reward" in the silence of the afternoon hours! I won't lie...sometimes it's coffee or ice cream...but it happens to be summer, and today I couldn't stop the crave for garden fresh veggies all the way home from town!! It was blissful, as I got to enjoy every last crumb.

So, now that we've got that all out there...we'll move on to a little Independence day excitement! Actually we had a very low-key holiday this year, and it was kind of nice! The city of Turlock has a parade every year, which we had never been to before, but had special interest in this year because of certain family members participating in the festivities! Yep, that's him giving a welcoming speech!

And they were the opening act as Grand Marshal of the lovely parade!

There's something cliche about a 4th of July parade...sweltering summer sun beating down, flags flying, lawn chairs scattered along the street & the national anthem playing. But its All-American and it's a celebration that makes you feel blessed to call this country home!

We don't need a parade to entertain us, with this clan together! (There is a hundred ways I could caption this photo, but I will just leave it at that!)

There's no better way to end the day than with sparklers! Everyday should end with sparklers!
In a round about way, it feels like they do, but in a more figurative way. With him, every day starts with sparklers too. Oh, life would be so boring without the colors & the commotion! :)


  1. I love that your boys are celebrating in their red, white & blue! :) What a special treat, to actually know somebody in the parade.

  2. Oh...and I agree on the fun reward in the afternoon! I do the same thing. I LOVE waiting until 2:00 to eat my lunch in peace. I usually make sure it's something extra special and extra yummy.


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