Monday, September 24, 2012

September ramblings {heavy-up on photos}


There's a problem with me not regularly blogging, and I will refer to it as a self induced "blog-coma".
Life is matter how you shake it or cut it, but I've always told myself someday I will be so grateful that I took a few hours a week to journal about real-life moments in real-time! Then the days slip by into weeks, and I keep taking pictures and writing down thoughts for the someday post that keeps getting pushed off until I get so far into the coma that I loose my inspiration to write! And now I have a whole month to catch up on...but don't leave yet. I promise to not ramble on too long, but rather just hit the highlights!

First things first...

I have a new NIECE!! Sadly this isn't new news anymore, but I can't get enough of her! This picture is already terribly outdated, since I took it in the hospital and she is now 3+ weeks old. She is positively precious, but if you were to refer back to this statement still stands. She falls in place after a close line-up of 4 boys and she's gonna hafta be a scrapper to survive around here!

And I thought this picture would fit appropriately inserted here. They're a rough crowd and all carry the same last name. Upon the event of our blonde peep celebrating his 2nd birthday, they now are the ages of 4. 3. 2. & 1. Some are short, some are tall, most are blue one is brown, but all are ornery!

But they grow up so fast and and they change so fast. Although some things don't change, if you'll notice, we still have an astronaut among us! Apparently all birthdays should involve space decor and activities, so he was just providing that factor for his brothers big day!

Birthday boy is more into monkeys than space, and particularly a very Curious monkey that finds himself in lots of trouble and has a keen way of getting himself back out again.{sound familiar?} We thought the zoo was a fitting forum for his type of fun, and he'd love seeing real monkeys. Sadly, there was no monkeys but we still had lots of fun!

The giraffes were very entertaining to feed, and the reptile house was a huge hit! Most of the occupants of that particular exhibit didn't get so much as a sideways glance from me, but the boys went wild and had to mimic or make-up the sounds they make or they thought they would make!

This photo pains me to post because it is out of focus, but it captures the essence of a little weekend trip we took to the mountains. Being out in the great outdoors, begs for adventure Lewis & Clark style...but turns out Clark is either a fair weather explorer or woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He grumped, and fussed and demanded to be carried through the trails. He got threatened by the leader of the expedition, and he finally straightened up his act, but his disdain is still apparent in this photo!  

{Who would've thought a rock would be the treasure that finally brought out the cheer}

Lewis on the other hand was all biz and found "water plants" to make wilderness stew for necessary live-off-the-land measures! If it works for the Bernstein Bears, it would surely work for him! 

The weather is ever so slightly showing signs of cooling, and ushering in the Fall season. Although I miss the show-stopping color change of the leaves on the Midwest maples, I still think Fall in all her cozy, glowy ways  is my favorite season. With September half over, and our summer adventures all wrapped up...I'm ready for the change of season! No promises, but I'll try my hardest to not let the slower pace of fall cause another blog-coma over here in the Frantz nest!

{PS. did I mention I have a new niece! :)}


  1. So fun once again to read your blog! Somehow I missed the detail that you have a new neice! She is Darling!!!! I bet Christy was THILLED to have a little GIRL! Your boys are so cute and I love their adventure. And you my friend! I can't wait to see you again!

  2. love love all the pics Mel....:) And what a cherry our sweet NIECE is on top of all the cute boys:) Now I am hoping maybe God will send her a cousin of her own kind{girl}close by to do the girly stuff with!!:)
    Blessings....miss u all terribly!!


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